CanDo Vestibular Rocker Boards


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  • The CanDo Vestibular Rocker Boards are designed to stimulate balance control and vestibular responses.

    By strengthening your balance you will decrease any vestibular problems that you may be experiencing.

    Rocker boards are excellent for those with ear defects and balance problems.

    The board itself is designed to strengthen your ankle and hip muscles in addition to improving your balance and is covered with non-slip material.


    Side-to-Side & End-to-End Motion

    Choose between the side by side, forward/back, and combination style rocker boards. These variations are designed to increase strength and balance through active standing.

    Use the rocker board of your choice at home, when you travel, at school, or the office. Each option is made to stimulate balance control while strengthening your core.


    Conditioning, Balance Therapy & Rehabilitation

    CanDo Vestibular Rocker Boards are excellent for complimenting your current exercise equipment and should be added to intensify your current conditioning or rehabilitation program.

    For balance therapy purposes rocker boards are excellent for improving balance, reducing dizziness, and reducing vertigo.

    For conditioning and rehabilitation purposes, simply step onto the board one foot at a time in the center of the board. Position your feet to parallel from one another with your toes facing forward. Finally, stand up tall and begin your exercise.

    Designed to increase your core strength and balance, and is an excellent addition to your current exercise or rehab program

    Available in four motion and size combinations that include a side by side, forward/back, or side by side and forward/back movement

    Covered with a non-slip material that increases stability during use in personal or clinical environments

    For those with inner ear defects or balance, problems use to improve balance, reduce dizziness, and reduce vertigo

    Features a sturdy, reliable design and is made in the USA

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