Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment
Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment

Biobidet - Economy Class DUO BBC-270 Bidet Attachment


Simple and practical.

It requires no battery or electricity.

Specially designed with a dual nozzle and a warm soft mist spray for feminine wash and an effective warm water stream for posterior wash.

The DUO BB-270 comes with metal meshed braided water hose for hot and cold water and a universal 7/8" and 3/8" brass T valve is included.

It comes with a user-controlled nozzle selection, warm water feature, and temperature control knob along with a cold water by-class and self-cleaning nozzle.

Simple and easy operation and installation

Upgraded product and parts materials for maximum durability.

Dual nozzle system.

Simple and easy to use, the BB-270 is as good as it gets in its class.

As an attachable, non-electric bidet, the Duo BB-270 supplies cold and warm water, dual nozzle action for front and rear wash, as well as a self-cleaning option all made possible by high-quality silver brass and ABS parts at an affordable price.

The Duo BB-270 provides accurate cleansing coverage with water pressure and temperature adjustments by using the P.S.P.C dials.


Quality & Durability

All Brass Parts.

New BB-270 is built to last.

Constructed with a polished brass inlet for maximum durability.

What's in the box?

76" Braided metal hose for hot water

3/8" polished brass T

26" Braided metal hose for cold water

7/8" Universal fill valve T

Green Alternative

For those who want warm and cold water options with a front or backwash option, the Duo BB-270 would be a perfect solution.

Like other non-electric bidets, the Duo BB-270 runs solely on water pressure without the use of batteries or electricity.

The Duo BB-270 comes with a water supply line to connect directly to your existing hot water supply and a built-in cold water bypass to flush out the preexisting cold water from your water line so that when you're ready for a pleasantly warm wash, it's primed for you.



No electricity or battery is needed.

How does a bidet work without electricity?

The answer is simple, connecting the bidet directly to your fresh water line makes it possible to run on only water pressure

Non-electric bidets are affordable, easy to install, save you money on toilet paper, and do not cost you a cent in electricity. This is why non-electric bidets are considered to be the most economical type of bidet.


Easy to Use

Easy controls from maximum cleansing.

The Duo BB-270 comes equipped with P.S.P.C Pressure control dial knobs which allow the user to physically feel each level up as they increase the pressure with the dial.

This is a useful feature for those with mobility restrictions who find it difficult or uncomfortable to visually check what they are selecting.

For a product that was meant to make life easier in all ways possible, we thought this small feature could mean a whole lot to someone so it was worth implementing.


Silver brass flow valve for maximum durability

The voice of the customer is what matters. We take every criticism and compliment to heart and apply what we learned from our customers to design new products or improve existing products.

The silver brass flow valve and the stem are the result.

By upgrading the valve system to a solid brass ball valve and stem, the defect rate has dropped to close to 0% and customer satisfaction has risen.

The longevity of a bidet with a solid brass flow valve is increased compared to the unreliability of plastic valves and stems.



100% coverage.

Bio Bidet values your business and always attempts to provide you with the very best of service.

DUO BB-270 comes with 100% warranty coverage for 1 full year from the date of purchase.

It's a commitment from Bio Bidet to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability, and reliability.

How to use the Duo BB-270 Bidet

Before using BB-270, open cold water by-pass until you feel the warmth from the toilet bowl.

Duo BB-270 is equipped with a convenient cold water by-pass that drains the remaining cold water into a hot water pipe for immediate warm water supply.

This will also clean the nozzle with full water pressure for hygienic purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this as cold water only?

A: Yes, but both connections need to be made on the bidet for this to operate correctly. By connecting the two 3/8" t-valves on top of each other, you will succeed in making this cold water only. this is not recommended. If you do not have a hot water connection consider the bb-70 or Elite3 models.

Q: Does it matter if my toilet is elongated or round?

A: The BB-270 will fit either round or elongated.

Q: What side is the control panel on?

A: The controls are on the right-hand side as you are sitting down.

Q: Does it come with a toilet seat?

A: No, the BB-270 is a bidet attachment that will go in between the existing toilet seat and toilet to convert your current toilet into a bidet toilet.

Q: How do I connect it to water?

A: The water connection will come from the 3/8" connection that is provided in the standard installation kit. The cold water will connect directly to your water shut-off valve, and the warm water will connect to your sink.

Q: How long does it take to get warm water?

A: For immediate warm water, you must use the cold water bypass each and every time. by doing this for about 10-15 seconds it will clear the cold water from the lines and allow the warm water to come in.

Q: Can I use this as a warm water bidet?

A: Yes, this unit does offer hot and cold water options so you can find the perfect temperature.

Q: Can I easily replace the nozzle if I have a guest coming over?

A: Yes, the BB-270 has an easily replaced nozzle with a splash guard for the most hygienic user experience.

Owner's Manual

BB-270 Duo Bidet Toilet Attachment


Bidet Seat References

Toilet Type Guide, 1PC vs. 2PC

The one-piece toilet has the toilet housed in one complete unit whereas two-piece toilets have a separate bowl and tank.

Offered Bio Bidet seat models are designed to fit all 2-piece toilets and most 1-piece toilets.

The only exception will be rare types of one-piece toilets with severe

French curves where the toilet tank connects to the base of the toilet such as type C below.



Biobidet BB-270 Dual Bidet Toilet Attachment