Bemis - Support Arms for Clean Shield Seat


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  • Bemis Support Arms gives one additional support standing and sitting

    The Arms are steady and secure to give proper support.

    Using the support arms with the Clean Shield seat gives unmatched support for a user.

    The Secure Support Arms are weight-bearing and have been tested to support 300 lbs. on either side.

    Their ergonomic design lets the user place their hands where they can support themselves when standing or sitting.

    The support arm's width gives a comfortable seating area for the user.

    Bemis Support Arms Manual


    Weight Bearing

    Support arms are tested to support 300 pounds on either side

    Support Arms, when combined with Snap 2 Secure, allow the user to push on the arms unevenly without any wiggle or loosening


    Appearance & Design

    Ergonomically positioned to properly support the user when standing or sitting

    Contemporary design looks great in your bathroom

    Will help prevent the user from falling to the side



    Comfortable 21" width between arms fits in virtually all bathrooms

    Arm width allows the ring to be placed in an upright position; provides easy cleaning access and standing used of the toilet

    Diameter meets ADA requirements for grab bars



    Self-sustaining hinges prevent the ring from slamming

    Hinges allow easy access to seat and bowl, making both easier to clean

Type: Toilet Aid

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