Beasy Board - 40" Long Beasy Premium Plastic Transfer Boards Beasy Board - 27.5" Long
Beasy Board - 40" Long Beasy Premium Plastic Transfer Boards Beasy Board - 27.5" Long

Beasy Premium Plastic Transfer Boards


Beasy Transfer Board Systems provides a safe and easy transfer from here to there without lifting

Do you have trouble transferring from a wheelchair to the car, bed or toilet?

The patented Beasy transfer boards make it much easier to transfer from here to there. It saves effort for both the patient and the caregiver.

The Beasy boards include two pieces: a curved board and a round disc that slides the length of the board, secure within the board's track. The boards are also extremely portable with their specific carrying case.

The disc moves in a frictionless manner and rotates 360° making it easy to sit, turn and move down the board. The seat supports the user's weight as the transfer occurs. The friction is borne by the device, not the user's skin. This design provides a much easier transfer than with standard wood boards or roller transfer boards.

Available in 3 different Sizes: 

Beasy Plastic Transfer Board 

Each lightweight system has a 400 lb capacity.

Please Note: It is recommended that transfers always occur with a caregiver or attendant present. Because of the special design, no lifting is required, reducing physical strain on the caregiver. These systems have helped many individuals remain at home, continuing treatments, if needed, as an outpatient.

Medical Restrictions: Please remember that each patient has their own special needs, so you might wish to consult with an Occupational Therapist before ordering.

Care/Washing Instructions: Warm water and soap as a general cleaner and wipe dry. Regular use of a disinfectant is recommended.. After cleaning, it is recommended to lubricate the track with a mineral oil-based lubricant such as the BeasyGlide Lubricant Spray.

Beasy Board's Instructions

Special Note: The disc can move fairly quickly down the length of the board which might cause some patients to feel disoriented. To remedy, simply slow down the transfer process.

Made Of: Reinforced plastic with a metal pin on the underside.

Weight Capacity: 400 lb.

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty