Smart Caregiver Basic Exit Alarm Monitor TL-2100B Smart Caregiver TL-2100B Exit Alarm & Chair Bed Pad
Smart Caregiver Basic Exit Alarm Monitor TL-2100B Smart Caregiver TL-2100B Exit Alarm & Chair Bed Pad

Basic Exit Alarm Monitor - TL-2100B


Smart Caregiver Basic Exit Alarm Monitor is an affordable, fully functional monitor compatible with all Smart Caregiver Corded Pads and Mats

Simply connect the Smart Caregiver Basic Exit Alarm Monitor to either a bed pad, chair pad, or floor mat.

When pressure is applied to the pad or mat the caregiver will hear 2 beeps, letting them know that the patient has sat or laid or down. 

Then when that weight or pressure is removed the monitor's alarm will sound.

While using the Exit Alarm monitor with a floor mat, the alarm will only beep once when the pressure has been applied. 

Auto-Reset: The Exit Alarm Monitor will automatically reset when the patient's weight is re-applied to the mat or pad

Low Battery Alert: The monitor will flash an alert light to notify the caregiver that its battery level is low. 

Adjustable Volume: silent, low, or high alert volume.

- The silent setting should only be used when the monitor is used with an existing nurse call light system (below). 

The Basic Exit Alarm Monitor features a Nurse Call Port:

1. Use the optional Nurse Call Cord (NCLA-01), turn the volume setting in the battery compartment to silent

2. Plug an optional 433-NCA adapter into the Nurse Call Port. Turn the monitor's volume to silent and the monitor's alert signal will be silently sent to a 433 Central Monitoring Unit and Caregiver's Pager.

Mounting Brackets are included to attach to the resident's chair or bed

The TL-2100B monitor may also be used with Smart Caregiver's line of wheelchair seat belts.

When the seatbelt has been disconnected, the alarm will notify the caregiver, providing valuable time to reach the user.

The Bed Exit Alarm and Bed sensor pads are an effective and affordable way to receive an immediate alert that your patient is attempting to leave their bed.

Place bed sensor pads below the user's back and also their bed's fitted sheet. 

Connect the sensor pad's cord to the alarm monitor.

The monitor should be mounted (using included brackets) where the patient is unable to reach.

Once the patient applies pressure, 2 beeps will alert the caregiver that they have entered their bed.

Once pressure is removed, an alarm will sound, alerting the caregiver and depending on your system's set up the patient.

The Chair Exit Alarm and Chair Pad are easy and effective systems to monitor your patients remotely.

Simply place the sensor pad in the seat of their chair. Connect the sensor pad to the chair exit alarm monitor. 

Once the user sit-downs or applies pressure the caregiver will be notified by 2 beeps.

When pressure is removed the monitor will sound an alarm. 

This alarm will then alert the caregiver that their patient is standing up. 


Smart Caregiver TL-2100B Low-Cost Basic Exit Alarm Monitor Manual

Manufacturer: Smart Caregiver

Monitor Warranty: 6 Months

Batteries & Power: 9 V Battery (not included) or optional AC Adapter AC-02

Maintenance: Clean the sensor pads with disinfectant wipes or anti-bacterial cleaners