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  • The Advantage Rail is a floor-mounted support bar designed for assistance when standing, sitting and transferring.

    The handle pivots to move with you in safe small steps and can also lock in an instant. Helpful for transferring from a wheelchair or for pulling yourself up to a standing position. The Advantage Rail is a floor-mounted pole you can lean on!

    Excellent for use by your bed, toilet, or bathtub - anywhere you need it!

    The handle pivots to move with you in safe small steps. It can also lock in an instant to assist you to a seated position. The handle has a high-quality gripping surface that is particularly helpful for those with limited hand strength.

    Constructed of heavy gauge steel for rigid support, the height of the Advantage Rail's horizontal bar is adjustable in 2" increments from 30" to 38". The horizontal bar is a convenient 22" long with the height of the bar to the top 17" (for a total height of 47" - 55"). The base plate has a soft edge to prevent toes from being stubbed.

    The Advantage Rail is installed using a floor plate that is secured to the floor with appropriate fasteners (not included). It can be installed in wood and concrete flooring, and over linoleum and carpet. The Advantage Rail can also be attached to tile/ceramic floors but professional installation is recommended.

  • The Advantage Rail is Available in 3 Different Styles:

    Standard: 300 lb. Capacity
    Heavy Duty: 450 lb. Capacity
    Portable: 300 lb. Capacity

    The Portable Advantage Rail:

    Mounts in seconds on pre-installed floor plates and is held in place by three threaded quick release knobs. Install a plate in each location that you want to use the pole: in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. This allows the convenience of moving the unit from one location to another or storing it away easily when it's not needed.

    The large knobs make it easy to move the rail from room to room.

    Put floor plates where ever you will need the Advantage Rail. The plates require " flat head fasteners to attach the plate to the floor (not included).

    Additional floor plates are sold separately

    The Portable Advantage Rail is ideal for homes, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and clinics.

    Each Portable Advantage Rail comes with the one-floor plate.

  • Dimensions

    Basic, Heavy Duty and Portable Rails:

    The horizontal bar: 22" long.

    Rail's horizontal bar:

    is adjustable in 2" increments from 30" to 38"

    From bar to the top: 17" H (for a total height of 47" - 55").

    Plates for Portable Rail: 7" Diameter x 3/8" H

    Each one has 6 equally spaced countersunk holes

    Weight Capacity

    Standard: 300 lb

    Heavy Duty: 450 lb

    Portable: 300 lb

    Product Weight: 23 lb

    Warranty: One Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

    Batteries/Electric: No

    Compatibility: (other devices) The Advantage Rail should not be installed on loose floor coverings and is not recommended for mobile homes.

    Made Of: 

    Rail Material: Heavy gauge steel, high temperature baked powder coat

    Grip Material: Does not contain natural dried rubber or latex.

    Plates for Portable Rail: Polished Alloy Steel

    Item Number

    Standard: AR-T

    Heavy Duty: AR-T-HD

    Portable: AR-PT

    Made In: Canada

    Brand Name: Healthcraft

Type: Standing Aid

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