522-1508-1900 Briggs 5" Raised Toilet Seat

5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat


This Five-inch Raised Toilet Seat makes lower toilets more accessible for individuals that have trouble standing from a seated position.

Requires No Assembly!

Fits most standard size toilets. Good for people who are very tall and for people who have hip issues or back injuries. Is it difficult to stand up from your toilet because the seat is too low?

The 5" Raised Toilet Seat makes it easier to sit down and to stand up. The added height means less bending to sit down and less struggling to stand up. Made of white, unbreakable polyethylene, this durable 5" Raised Toilet Seat is very easy to clean and disinfect.

It requires no assembly and fits most standard size toilets.

 Simply stick the 1" non-slip discs (included) on the underside of this toilet seat riser. Then all you have to do is lift your existing toilet seat and set the Raised Toilet Seat on top of the porcelain bowl. The underside of the seat has a lip that fits inside your toilet bowl to help keep it steady.

Other toilet seats have to be screwed into the toilet frame or clamped to the bowl, but this Raised Toilet Seat is portable and can be easily removed if not needed by other family members.

If you are recovering from surgery, suffer from back pain or just need some added height on the commode, this additional 5" Raised Toilet Seat is the solution.

Special Notes:

Please measure your existing toilet bowl before ordering because once this item is open it is not returnable. 

Dimensions: 15" L x 15" W x 5" H

Size of Opening: 10" L x 7" W

Lip Underneath Seat: 12" W x 9" W x "D

Weight Capacity: 250 lb

Weight: 2 lb

Manufacturer: Briggs

Batteries/Electric: No

Available Colors: White

Compatibility (other devices): Not for elongated toilet bowls.

Made of: Unbreakable polyethylene