433-CMU Central Monitor Wireless Economy Central Monitor 433-CMU Wireless Economy Central Monitor 433-CMU Wireless Economy Central Monitor 433-CMU
433-CMU Central Monitor Wireless Economy Central Monitor 433-CMU Wireless Economy Central Monitor 433-CMU Wireless Economy Central Monitor 433-CMU

Wireless Economy Central Monitor 433-CMU


The Smart Caregiver Wireless Economy Central Monitor System is an affordable system that monitors up to 40 patients. 

No hard wiring is required.

Both the Central Monitor and LCD Pager display the source of the alarm.

Perfect for small facilities with multiple patients or monitoring needs.


Providing care in an assisted living or small residential facility that monitors several patients at a time? 

Now you can have an affordable patient monitoring system that meets your needs! 

Monitor up to 40 patients with the Central Monitoring Station and wireless monitoring devices. 

Top-of-the-line wireless alert devices send silent signals instantly to the 40-channel monitoring station.

The Central Monitor tells you visually and audibly which patient needs help so you can respond without delay.

The alerts are loud and clear.

This system is not meant to replace good caregiving practices such as direct supervision or proper staffing,

But simply to alert staff in case of an emergency.

The 40 Channel Wireless Monitoring System is available both in the system and


The system is expandable for your location's needs with optional components:

Cordless Bed Pads & Chair Sensor Pads

Cordless Floor Mats & Landing Mats

Wireless Nurse Call Buttons & Remote Reset Buttons

Wireless Window/Door Exit Alarms

Motion Sensors

The 40 Channel Wireless Economy Central Monitoring System includes:

1 x 433-CMU Central Monitor with an AC Adapter (AC-04EC)

3 Call Nurse Buttons /Pendants

1 Pager Style Receiver with display

Up to 40 devices can be added to the monitoring system.

Adding these pieces later on, is very easy and flexible because no wiring is required.


Central Monitor Unit



(Quantity included: 1)

 Each wireless alert device is assigned a number on the monitor's display.

When one of the call buttons is activated, a verbal or musical alarm (as selected by the caregiver) will play, and the corresponding number will light up. Keeps track of up to 40 alerting devices with the central monitoring unit. Receives signals from up to 300 feet away.

Please make sure to check the range in your facility as different kinds of building materials can slightly affect the range of the product. Choose from 14 alarm languages/melodies.

If you choose to run on batteries (4-C's) rather than the AC adapter (AC-04E), the system has a low battery indicator.



Nurse Call Button


(Quantity included: 3)

 Use the call buttons alone or with pressure pad fall alerts. Two call buttons are included with this system.

The call button can be worn like a pendant using the enclosed lanyard string or mounted on a bed or nightstand using the enclosed adhesive tape.

The button requires only slight pressure to push. After sending a signal, the Call Button can only be reset from the Central Monitor.



Wireless Pager with LCD Display


(Quantity included: 1)

Get alerts when you've stepped away from your desk by wearing the beeper-style pager. When the Central Monitor receives an alert, it sends a signal to the pager. (For this reason, the pagers cannot be used without the Central Monitor.)

The pager receives signals up to 300 feet from the monitoring system. The pager shows a visual alert number on its LCD screen and also provides a verbal announcement.

The verbal announcement has an adjustable volume; you can choose from 11 languages or 3 musical tones.

The beeper-style clip-on receiver is easy to wear on your waistband. The pager also has a stand on the back for tabletop use.


Wireless Economy Central Monitoring System Manual 

Central Monitoring System Demonstration Video:



Programming Instructional Video



Overall: 8" W x 6" H x 2" D

Display: 6" W x 2.5" H


Nurse Call Button

Button: 2" diameter


Wireless Pager With LCD Screen:

Overall:  3" W x 2" H x 1" D

LCD Screen: 11/8" W x 11/8" H


Product Weights

Monitor: 1 lb 1.5 oz

Button: 1.5 oz

Pager: 4.5 oz with batteries



Monitor: 1 year

Button: 90 days

Pager: 6 months



Monitor: Includes an AC Adapter but may also be powered by 4 "C" batteries (not included)

Button: 12V battery (included)

Pager: Requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included)


Compatibility (other devices)

The Wireless Call System does not work with the Two Call Buttons & Pager because they use different radio frequencies.


Item Numbers

40 Component Central Monitoring Unit Station System: 433-SYS

Wireless Pager with LCD Pager: 433-PGD

Central Monitoring Unit: 433-CMU-40