Stander - 30" Safety Bed Rail

Stander - 30" Safety Bed Rail

With Organizer

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  • This bed rail helps you in and out of bed, prevents falls, and can be moved out of the way in a snap when not needed.

    Rail folds down 180° to move completely out of the way

    Height adjustable up to 23"

    Works great with higher pillow top mattresses

    Good for users up to 400 lbs

    Fits any size bed (home or hospital)

    Available With or Without an 8-pocket Organizer:

    Stander 8051 30" Safety Bed RailStander 8050 30 inch bed rail

    Helps you or your loved one remain safe in bed while also providing support for sitting or standing.


    Bed Rail/Hand Rail -  Prevents falling from bed and can be used for assistance to sit up in bed

    Collapsible Rail - Rail pivots down to side of bed to allow user to get out of bed or provide space for making bed

    Reversible - Can be placed on either side of the bed

    Dual Safety Strap - Secures bed rail to any sized home or hospital bed

    8050 30 inch Safety Bed Rail 180 degrees

    The 30" Safety Bed Rail is a strong and stable solution to help prevent falls. It provides the stability you need to get yourself in and out of bed or to rise to a seated position.

    8051 Stander 30 inch Safety Bed Rail 

    This height of the rail is adjustable to accommodate a variety of mattress thicknesses as well as user preference. 

    At its maximum 23" height, this rail can accommodate a thicker pillow-top mattresses.

    Live Oak's Full Line of Rails and Grab Bars for the Bedroom

  • Easy to install and remove, the Safety Bed Rail has 2 stabilizing mechanisms

    First, strong metal rods slide under the mattress (between the mattress and slats/box spring).

    Second, a strap extends from the rods to reach the opposite side of the bed and secures around the bed frame. The securing strap can be used on any size hospital or home bed (from cot size to king).

    An easy to use pull release mechanism allows the rail to fold down 180° down, to be flat against the side of the bed. Great for caregivers providing assistance or to allow you to slide out of bed without needing to get around the bed rail.

    Order the basic model or one that comes with an 8-pocket organizer that slides over the bed rail. The organizer reduces opportunities for entrapment and provides pockets for placing items that you want close at hand (remote controls, medications, tissues, etc.)

    Please note that using the organizer may limit your gripping possibilities, so be sure it does not hinder the way in which you want to use the bed rail.

  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

    Weight Capacity (lbs): 100 lbs, 400 lbs

    Rail Height: adjustable to 23" high from the base of mattress

    Rail Width: 30"

    Gap Between Rails: 3"

    Product Weight: 13 lbs

    Made In: USA

    Manufacturer: Stander

    Model Number: 8050, 8051

  • Additional Pictures of the 30" Safety Bed Rail

    8050 Stander 30 inch safety rail diagram

     With Organizer 

     8051 Stander 30" Bed Safety Rail with Organizer

     8051 30" Stander Bed Safety Rail with Organizer

     Without Organizer

     8050 Stander 30 inch Safety Bed Rail without Organizer8050 Stander 30" Safety Bedrail without organizer 2


  • 30" Safety Bed Rail Installation Instructions

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