Wireless Emergency Call Light & Pull Cord System - 2017-SYS


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  • Wall Mounted Emergency Call Light System with Pull Cord gives residents 2 ways to call for help.

      Wireless transmitter and receiver.

      Easy to place the receiver where it is most noticeable.

      Professional Quality

      Great for small facilities or homes where toilet transfers take place.

      Arrives pre-programmed and ready to use, no hard wiring required

      Can be programmed to work with the TL-2015 Large Facility Central Monitoring Unit


    You can use a convenient pull cord or a wall mounted button to call for help if you need it!

    Often called an emergency pull cord, this Emergency Call Alarm can be activated by pressing the big red button or by pulling the handle hanging below the button. A wireless signal is sent immediately to an Emergency Call Alarm Receiver which emits a bright flashing light and sounds a high-pitched beep.

    What makes this system special is that you can place the alarm receiver right outside the room or down the hall where it might be more noticeable. No wiring is required! The alarm can only be turned off using the blue reset button which can be placed in the bathroom, on the wall outside or by the caregiver's station - wherever is most convenient for you

    The most common placement for the emergency pull cord is on a wall by the toilet, but this call button can also be used in other rooms where the resident would like privacy but may need emergency assistance.

    For instance, the call button is waterproof so you could place one in the shower in case someone slips. The Wall Mounted Emergency Call Button is professional quality and a helpful safety addition to any home or small care giving facility. Patients or family members can enjoy their privacy and independence with the comfort of knowing that help is just a button away if needed.

    Special Notes:

    The Alarm Receiver must be placed within 100 feet of the Emergency Call Button.

  • The Emergency Call Alarm System Includes:

    Emergency Call Button with Pull Cord:

    Base: 3 3/8" x 3 3/8"

    Button: 1" Diameter

    Cord: 9' 5" L

    Weight: 5 oz


    Reset Button:

    Base: 3 3/8" x  3 3/8"

    Button: 1" Diameter

    Weight: 4 oz


    Wireless Emergency Call Alarm Receiver:

    Dimensions: 8" W x 5" H x 1" D

    Weight: 1.75 lbs (without batteries)

  • Batteries/Electric

    The Emergency Call Receiver (Amber/Orange Light) can be powered one of three ways:

    With 4 "D" batteries (not included), with the optional AC adapter (AC-03) or it can be wired directly into your electrical panel. AC adapters (above) and batteries are sold separately.

    The Emergency Call and the Reset Buttons have built in batteries that will last approximately 5 years.

    These batteries are built in and cannot be changed.

    All three components have low battery indicator lights.


    Item Numbers

    Emergency Call Button and Pull Cord: 2007-SYSR1

    Optional AC Adapter for Alarm Receiver: AC-03

    Made In: China

    Brand Name: Smart Caregiver

    Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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