Silver Cuisine - Healthy & Convenient Meal Delivery

Social distancing and self quarantining are concepts we have all become quite familiar with the past few weeks. Avoiding crowds, staying indoors, and limiting trips to the grocery store has been difficult.

Fortunately, the gig economy has helped solve this problem offering many the opportunity to have fresh produce and essentials delivered quickly to their door. However, even after the brave gig worker delivers your grocery order, meal preparation is still required.

This meal preparation challenge is often what separates older adults from a healthy and nutritious meal. This obstacle is especially the case in situations where mobility is limited; in these cases, preparing a home-cooked meal can be close to impossible. With millions of Americans remaining in place at home, they now have the opportunity to understand what it feels like to try and arrange the delivery of ingredients without visiting the store.

It is difficult even for those who routinely use smartphone delivery apps. For example, finding an avocado, especially a ripe avocado, is difficult to communicate via the smartphone app. So, if you receive an unripe avocado or no avocado at all in your grocery order, your meal schedule can be thrown off completely.

This whole grocery delivery process is also assuming that you have the time and energy to devote to mapping out your meals days in advance. Those older adults who have decided to age in place face have faced the same challenges as the current, quarantining general public. Coordinating the ingredients and all of their preparation is often to much trouble for the spriest of us. Especially after a long day, caregivers can elect for a fast and convenient meal. Settling for this option typically leads to an unhealthy pre-packaged meal from the freezer aisle. Convenience equaling unhealthy doesn't have to be the case. There is another healthy and convenient alternative.

Silver Cuisine is a subscription-free, doctor-designed, and chef-prepared meal delivery service. Offering over 100 different entrees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Silver Cuisine is ready to guarantee you and your loved one's proper nutrition. You can combine the convenience of microwavable meals with the fresh ingredients of a home-cooked meal.

Dr. Caroline Cederquist, board-certified in bariatric medicine, developed Silver Cuisine to satisfy the unique nutritional needs of those over the age of 50. Dr. Cederquist's expertise influences the development of each meal's preparation. Her medical training helps Silver Cuisine provide specialty diet options too. Offering unique options for those who have diabetes, have heart problems, are vegetarian, or require low sodium.

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The meals are flash-frozen, preserving their ingredients and flavors while preventing ice crystals from forming. The meals ship in insulated coolers and are packed with dry ice to keep the meal frozen. After you receive your prepared meal, you only need to place it into the microwave for 6 minutes or less or put it into the oven for 30 minutes or less. Minimal preparation and minimal planning required for a healthy diet.

As opposed to other meal delivery services, there is no subscription required. The meals and snack price varies, but with a flat shipping rate of $19.95, placing a larger order makes sense. Silver Cuisine is the ideal solution when making it to the grocery store is unsafe, or it is difficult. Saving you and your loved ones the time and energy to cook and prepare meals.