How To Schedule Your Mangar Floor Lift Demo

Let us show you how innovative and easy to use the Mangar floor lift cushions are today.  

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The Mangar ELK and the Mangar Camel can lift a fallen person up from the floor in roughly a minute. Their high powered, portable, air powered cushions can quickly be dispatched to help anywhere. These unique systems can be difficult to envision and fully understand just from photos or recorded videos alone. Our team wants to provide you a free online demonstration of the ELK, Camel, or even both. 


Our team can walk you through the Mangar system's parts, its operation, and any questions that you may have. Our experienced staff has serviced and trained operators of the Mangar floor lifts for over 10 years. They are here to help you fully understand these distinctive products and how they may bring you, your family, or your staff independence and safety for years to come.

The online webinar format only requires you to have internet access. You do not need a web camera, microphone, or any other special equipment. We can provide a custom link to your webinar on the service of your choice. This and more detailed instructions will be provided before your appointment. Demonstrations of the system and the question and answer portion of the session can vary in length. However, usually, the two parts of the webinar can take roughly ten to twenty minutes. If your schedule changes before the appointment, we can also provide a pre-recorded demo, answering any questions provided or special requests. Let us answer any and all of your questions about your investment in a fast fall response. 

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