How Does The Mangar Bath Lift Work?

The Mangar Bathing Cushion smoothly lowers you into the bath and raises you up when ready. The Cushion’s simple “Up/Down” control makes taking a traditional bath easy.

The Mangar Bath Lift Cushion lets you customize your bathing experience. While lowering yourself into the tub, you may release the control and keep the cushion partially inflated.

This feature can give you a soft cushion between a sore back and a hard bathtub. 

Watch thee Inflatable Mangar Bath Lift in Action: 

1. Fully inflated the cushion's seat stands 15.75" tallMangar Bath Lift Cushion Inflated

2. While the pressing the down button the cushion slowly deflates
Mangar Bath Lift Cushion Partially Deflated

3. When deflated to your desired level, enjoy your natural bath!

Mangar Bath Lift Cushion Deflated

How Does The Bath Cushion Keep You Safe? 

Designed with your bathing safety in mind, the Lift has many included safety features: 


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