Fall Prevention Alarms & Anti-Wandering Systems for Seniors

Fall Prevention and Anti-Wandering management is essential for millions of seniors. 


From the CDC's recent study:

- 1 out of 5 falls will cause a serious injury, such as broken bones or a head injury

- 2.5 million seniors are treated in emergency rooms for fall injuries

- Every 20 minutes an older American dies from a fall 

Live Oak Med offers Smart Caregiver's full collection of customizable, low-cost, fall prevention alerts and anti-wandering management solutions for your facility or home.


Mobility Management 

Smart Caregiver's high-tech products are designed to respond quickly to a fall and give early notification when a resident has started wandering.

Wandering for those with Alzheimers or other dementias may lead to potential falls. 

If your loved one or patient suffers from Alzheimers or any other dementias, these solutions will ensure they are staying in safe areas, sleeping, or seated.

If in the event your patient does wander, a caregiver can be notified wirelessly by a pager, out loud next to the patient's chair or bed, and even at a monitor down the hall.

All of the systems ensure a quick response and the additional option to eliminate disruptive in room noise.   


Fall Management and Monitoring

The same systems to manage your patient's mobility can also be used to effectively monitor those who are at a high risk for falls.

The weight-sensing bed and chair pads are available in easy to use cordless and corded models. In addition,  weight-sensing floor mats can be used next to the patients beds or in front of their room's exits. 

These weight-sensing pads allow for an alarm whenever weight is removed from the pad. These alerts can be sent wirelessly to a caregiver's pager, to a receiver next to their bed or chair, or even to a central monitoring station a distance away.  

Giving caregivers the opportunity to respond quickly with treatment. 

 Smart Caregiver has a variety of compatible alert mechanisms and receivers to meet you and your patient's needs: 


Bed Exit Pads

Chair Exit Pads

Weight Sensitive Floor Mats

Wireless Pagers

Central Monitors

Pull String Fall Monitors

Wheelchair Seat Belts

Motion Sensors

Starter Kits

Anti-Wandering Door Bar Systems