Suspensory Urinal


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  • The Suspensory Urinal is the best solution for men looking for an adult diaper alternative to handle incontinence- 

    - Helps prevent or relieve skin irritation caused by adult diapers.

    - Urine collects inside the sheath or the bag that straps onto your leg.

    - Less bulky and less expensive than adult diapers.

    - Increases comfort for men with incontinence.

    - Get rid of bulky adult diapers for good!


    A Suspensory Urinal is a cleaner, less wasteful alternative to handle your incontinence.

    A Suspensory, or McGuire style, Urinal fits around the head of a man's penis and encases it in a rubber sheath to capture urine. The condom shaped sheath can be used by itself for dribbles or connected to a leg bag if needed. A 6 3/4" long tube connects the sheath and leg bag and allows urine to flow into the bag while you stay dry. This method helps prevent skin irritation by keeping moisture away from your skin.

    The sheath attaches to a jock-strap style slip-on holster using 4 secure snaps. Urine collects in the sheath as it drains through the tube into the leg bag. A unique double layer design helps prevent urine from flowing out of the sheath if you are sitting or lying down.

    The white holster has an elastic waist and adjustment strap to fit most men. The leg bag attaches with 2 rubber straps that have sizing holes so you can find a secure fit.


    The leg bag holds up to 20 oz of urine and emptying is easy!

    Simply aim the collection bag's flexible drain into the toilet and twist the stopper at the end. It empties in just a minute or so. The urinal can be cleaned as needed with soapy water and air dried.

    You can order additional sheaths too. We recommend having 2 sheaths to start, so you can have one to wear while the other is drying.


    Special Notes

    Contains latex. Men with known allergies to latex rubber should not use this product. Discontinue use immediately and consult a physician if skin irritation occurs.

    If you have not used a sheath before, we recommend that before using for urine you test it with water to be sure you are comfortable with the connections and emptying of the bag or sheath.

  • Dimensions

    Sheath Outer Dimensions: 7" L x 1.5" diameter

    Sheath Inner Diameter: Adjusts from 3/4" to approximately 1"

    Sheath Base: 3 1/4" diameter

    Sheath: 6.75" Long (inside) x 1.75" Diameter

    Holster: Fits up to a 48" waist

    Collection Bag:

    Empty: 8 3/4" L x 6" W X 1/16" thick

    Full: 8 3/4" L x 5 1/2" W x 1 1/2" thick

    Holds up to 20 oz of fluid.

    Tube Length: 6 3/4"

    Rubber Leg Straps: 21 3/4" L x3/4" W

    Product Weight

    Sheath: 1 oz Bag and Tube: 2 oz

    Holster: 3.5 oz

    Warranty: Live Oak30 Day Return Policy

    Batteries/Electric: No

    Medical Restrictions:

    Contains latex. Men with known allergies to latex rubber should not use this product. Discontinue use immediately and consult a physician if skin irritation occurs.

    Care/Washing Instructions:

    Holster: Machine wash, gentle cycle. Air dry. Sheath and Bag: Hand wash with soapy water, rinse and allow to air dry.

    Do not expose the sheath to direct heat or sunlight, as these cause the latex to become hard and lose elasticity.

    Avoid contact with ointments, oils or other salves which may affect the integrity of the latex.


    Made of

    Holster: Elastic

    Sheath: Latex Rubber

    Bag: Transparent Plastic Leg Straps: Latex Rubber

    Item Number:

    Suspensory Urinal: 541-7752-0000

    Spare Sheath: 541-7757-0000

    Made In: China and Mexico

Type: Toilet Aid

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