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Skil-Care - EZ Landing Fall Mat


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  • The Skil-Care EZ Landing Mat provides a soft-surface and one-piece construction that makes the Landing Mat easy to clean.

    Its easy to care for one piece elastomeric foam surface, beveled low profile edges and embedded nanosilver protects the mat from mold, mildew, stains, and odor-causing bacteria.

    Reduces impact energy and protects the resident from serious injuries. 

    The mat has trip resistant beveled edges. 

    Low profile stable surface allows the resident to stand, walk or wheel over the mat without difficulty. 

    Slip-resistant bottom keeps mat securely in place. 

    Textured stable surface

    Easy to Use

    The EZ Landing Mat is available in two widths and the choice of width should be made by a trained professional. 

    1. Place the mat in front of the bed spaced evenly between both legs and parallel with the bed (mattress). 

    2. Assure the mat is placed with the beveled side up. 

    3. Although the product is durable, rolling the bed wheels on the mat should be avoided. 

    4. The mat could be stored flat or rolled loosely

    Easy Care

    The fall mat can be wiped clean with a spray and wipe cleaner. 

    If disinfected, avoid using chlorine (bleach) chemicals. 

Type: Fall Mats

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