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SafetySure Transfer Gurney


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  • The SafetySure Transfer Gurney is made of a canvas sheet and strong strap that forms a figure-8. 

    With a slick underside, the SafetySure Transfer Gurney enables even heavy patients to be moved with ease.

    Available with plastic insert for easier insertion under patient.

    The Transfer Gurney's small and medium sizes can be used with pediatric patients.

    Their are five Available Models of the Transfer Gurney:

    Pediatric Size without Plastic Insert:

    Dimensions: 39" L x 16" W

    4 Handles

    250 lbs Capacity

    -Pediatric Size with Plastic Insert:

    Dimensions: 39" L x 16" W

    4 Handles

    400 lbs Capacity


    -Small Adult Without Plastic Insert  

    Dimensions: 39" L x 36" W

    4 handles

    350 lbs Capacity


    -Adult without Plastic Insert

    Dimensions: 60" L x 34" W

    8 Handles

    600 lbs Capacity


    -Adult with Plastic Insert:

    Dimensions: 50" L x 34" W

    10 Handles

    600 lbs Capacity

Type: Positioning

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