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SafetySure Super Slide


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  • The SafetySure Super Slide:

    Combines the best features of a transfer gurney and a transfer slide in one convenient product

    The Slide simplifies horizontal transfer from one adjacent surface to another surface.

    The SafetySure Super Slide Reduces lateral pull force by 40%

    The slide's parts can be separated and used independently.


    A Clinical study demonstrated a greater that 40% reduction in pull force when using a combination of a mobility sheet and transfer slide as compared to a standard draw sheet transfer.

    The SafetySure Super Slide's gurney measures 20“ W by 48“ L and has a plastic insert for added protection when transferring a patient from one surface to another.

    Two Velcro strips, securely attaches the transfer gurney to the transfer slide that measures 40“ W by 60“ L.

    The frictionless inner surface of the transfer slide allows the caregiver to easily transfer the patient.

    As an added benefit, both the gurney and the slide can be used separately if desired.

    The Slide is machine washable

Type: Positioning

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