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  • The IndeeLift Emergency Services Human Lift can quickly lift individuals to a height of 21" above the floor.  Whether they can sit or require a backboard,

    The Lift is a purpose-built tool designed for service agencies to address the growing problem of staff injuries related to lifting people from the floor.

    Bridging the Gap from
    the Ground to Gurney

    The HFL has been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of Public Emergency Services Agencies. Designed for quick deployment on first responder vehicles. The lift provides a safe lift to those weighing up to 600 lbs.from the ground without causing added injury to either emergency services personnel or the fallen person. Mobile or immobile fallen individuals may be lifted from the ground to stand and walk away or they may be transferred directly to a wheelchair or gurney.

    Available in 2 different models:

    HFL-400-E:  Safe Working Load of 400 lbs. 

    HFL-550-E:  Safe Working Load of 550 lbs. 

  • The HFL lifts a person weighing up to 400 lbs./550 pounds. To a height of 21" above the ground, whether or not they are able to sit or require a backboard, 

    • Lifting a person from a sitting position directly or from a laying position on a backboard, 

    • Beveled seat-front for easy slide on access

    • Easy transfer to wheelchair or gurney

    • Doubles as a dolly for equipment transport

    • Becomes a field chair for extended triage, and recovery

    • Rocker switch control for smooth operation

    • Chest belt to secure the patient for limited transport

    • Folding seat and outriggers to fit on most Fire apparatus and ambulances

    • Lightweight

    • Small footprint for tightest spaces

    • Foam-filled tires for dependable transport from the vehicle to the patient

    • Powder coated for easy decontamination

    • Long lasting battery (500 Charges) for repeated use

    • Rechargeable 24V DC battery system plugs directly into the vehicle electrical system

    Emergency Services personnel and equipment are dispatched millions of times every year on medical emergency and lift-assist calls. The Human Floor lift for EMS is a tool designed to do the heavy lifting, eliminating manual lifts and the chance of injury to the EMS personnel!!

    This purpose-built appliance lifts individuals up to 400 or 550 pounds from the floor or ground without the chance of injuring the operators or the resident/patient.

    The HFL lifts individuals who may be mobile once up from the floor or those injured who may be on a backboard requiring transport to a hospital. 

    The HFL is designed to provide short-distant transport of its occupant with a removable chest strap that secures the occupant for the move.

    The beveled seat access allows a lift-free mount. The 21” height provides a comfortable field chair allowing low-energy standing as well as the option for recovery time or further triage treatment.

    The lift folds to a minimal footprint, (12”x22”x 32”) allowing it to stow on most fire trucks and is an important safety upgrade to any EMS response apparatus.

    A stainless steel seat and powder-coated-heavy-duty construction ensure years of service. The HFL's powered by a dual lithium-Ion battery system. One battery pack resides on the unit, and the hot spare resides on the charger installed on the apparatus.

    The portable human floor lift designed to meet the rigorous requirements of public emergency services agencies. This tool eliminates first-responder injuries associated with picking persons up from the ground or floor. Reduced injuries lead to fewer workers compensation claims which in turn avoids overtime, disruption of scheduling and substantial administrative expense. 

  • HFL-400-E

    Safe Working Load: 400 lbs

    Maximum Overall Length: 23.2"

    Maximum Overall Height: 52.4"

    Minimum Overall Height: 32.8"

    Maximum Seat Height: 21" 

    Turning Radius: 30"

    External Width: 23.2"

    Overall Height of Legs: 2"

    Wheels: 6"

    Power Pack: 2 lbs.  

    Total Weight: 63 lbs. 



    Safe Working Load: 550 lbs.  

    Maximum Overall Length: 24.2"

    Maximum Overall Height: 53.8"

    Minimum Overall Height: 37"

    Maximum Seat Height: 21"

    Turning Radius: 30"

    External Width: 24.2"

    Overall Height of Legs: 2"

    Wheels: 6"

    Power Pack: 2 lbs.  

    Total Weight: 79 lbs. 



    Battery: 24-volt rechargeable Lithium Ion

    Battery Capacity: 4 Ampere Hours

    Charger Rated Input: 14.4V DC

    Charger Rated Output: 25.9 VDC @ 2A

    Operating environment: >+5 ̊C <+40 ̊C

Type: Floor Lift

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