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  • The HFL-400 is designed to meet the requirements of business and home users up to 400 pounds. These human floor lifts are designed to lift people from the floor to a normal chair height allowing them to stand or transfer with the least amount of effort. 

    Staff can roll the HFL right to the location of the fall.  The HFL-400 is similar to a household vacuum to move around and store. The smallest individual can assist anyone up to 400 pounds from the floor. One party can assist any other party by rolling the unit to the fallen person and assist in mounting onto the seat.  The fallen or the assistant activates the lift and the person is raised without injury to either person.

    The HFL-400 is a purpose-built appliance designed to allow mobility challenged individuals greater independence by turning a very difficult and dangerous situation into a non-event and allowing them to continue their day after a fall without calling on family, friends, neighbors or emergency services personnel just to get up from the floor, while suffering the indignity and pain associated with recovering from falls without the IndeeLift!

    The HFL truly helps mobility challenged individuals regain and maintain their independence, privacy and dignity by allowing them to get up from the floor without outside assistance.


    Lifts a person weighing up to 400lbs. to a height of 21” above the floor

    Beveled seat-front for easy slide-on or tilt- on mounting access

    Wired remote for convenient operation

    Swinging rise-assist handles for easy tilt-on or transfer off to wheelchair or gurney

    Self or Assisted operation

    Lightweight - 55lbs.

    Small footprint for tight spaces

    Powder coated for easy cleaning

    Standard AC battery charger

  • The HFL-400 is designed to meet the requirements of business and home users up to 400 pounds. Whether at home or in a multi-residential living or care facility, like a senior apartment complex or trailer park that has elderly and/or disabled residents, these human floor lifts are designed to lift people from the floor to a normal chair height allowing them to stand or transfer with the least amount of effort. 

    The IndeeLift family of HFLs are designed to meet the recommendations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The raised seat height is based on the need to stand with minimal effort for the mobility challenged, whether elderly, disabled, injured or in rehabilitation.  Direct transfer is accomplished by setting the seat 1-2 inches above the wheelchair allowing lift-free sliding on to most wheelchairs or even a gurney.

    HFL-400 Features/Functionality

    The HFL-400 will lift a person up to 400 pounds from the floor to a position seated at the height of a standard chair.  At 21" height with rise-assist handle grips, the HFL allows just about anyone using it to stand with the absolute least expended energy and load on the extremities.  The HFL-400 is designed to be mobile and is easily rolled to any place in the home. Whether a fall occurs in a common area, hallway, bathroom, private office or a living room, this appliance can be easily rolled to the person who has fallen for immediate assistance getting up from the floor.  

    Small Footprint & Easy Portability

    The HFL-400 is a portable lift that is rolled around similar in size to your average vacuum. The small footprint allows it to be positioned in many places other lifts simply cannot go.  With a small radius, the HFL can go just about anywhere including most residential and all ADA accessible bathrooms. The HFL-400's compact size  allows it to be stored in linen/utility closets or just out of the way in a common area. 

    Mounting Ramp Seat

    The HFL patent-pending design includes a mounting ramp seat that eliminates the need to ever "lift" manually.  With no complex cradles or harnesses to configure, the HFL allows fall recovery to be simple and quick. A person who has fallen can be up from the floor to a normal seating position within moments. A fallen person can either scoot onto the IndeeLift beveled seat, or, if they are unable to scoot, the user can tilt up from a laying position directly onto the seat.

    Wired Remote

    The wired remote has a 6’ (2m) retractile cord allowing the fallen individual to "self-operate" the lift or a caregiver to operate the lift while assisting the care recipient onto the lift as necessary. The wired remote has graphics indicating the up and down functionality. The wired remote is stored on the handle with the hanger clip.  

    Power Supply

    The HFL-400 comes standard with a lithium-ion battery pack with an AC charger and power cord that can be plugged into any standard AC power outlet.  

  • The Problem

    Mom and Dad live together and one of them starts to fall and is unable to get up on their own.  As they age together Mom and Dad are not able to pick each other up.   When one of them falls they have to get help from outside of the home. Family, neighbors, friends and emergency services aka the fire department have to be called for assistance. Some time later, help arrives to pick the fallen person up from the floor. Many times the fallen are injured more by lifting them than from the actual fall. More often than not, more than one strong person is required to get the fallen up. This process can take a long time leaving the fallen uncomfortably stuck.

    Individuals living at home alone or “aging in place” have few good options when they have fallen and need help getting up. Friends, relatives, and neighbors can become overburdened with requests and a call to emergency services can result in a loss of privacy and personal dignity. It is also common for helpers to become injured while assisting the fallen individual.

    The Solution

    “The Human Floor Lift” or HFL was designed to lift a person safely from the floor without causing injury to a caregiver or the person needing help.

    With the HFL, after a fall, mom, dad or a helper rolls the IndeeLift directly over to whoever has fallen, who then scoots onto the seat. Either party activates the lift and a minute later whoever was on the floor is now sitting comfortably, able to take their time recovering from the fall before attempting to stand or transfer to a wheelchair.

    Independence, privacy, and dignity are maintained along without having to bother anyone else with such a personal issue! The IndeeLift HFL turns what is often a harrowing, drawn-out and horribly uncomfortable experience into a private easily-recoverable non-event!  

    Who is the HFL designed and built for?

    Aging folks whether alone or as couples with a desire to stay in the comfort of wherever they call home, who are mobile but have difficulty getting up after a fall.  

    The physically disabled, injured veterans, victims of accidents with lower extremity issues.

    Those challenged with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and other muscular and nerve degenerative disease who may be prone to falling with limited strength and the inability to get up.

    Stroke survivors and their caregivers, 

    The HFL-300 is designed to be used in homes, assisted living, long-term care and residential facilities where people are generally mobile but want to be independent and able to get up after a fall without asking for help from others or calling for emergency services.

    Where medical need can be established, lift devices can be paid for by health insurance and Medicare.

    How Does the Lift Work?

    1. An assistant rolls the HFL to the fall site. 

    2. Whoever fell scoots onto the seat.

    3. Either party activates the lift, raising them from the floor.

    4. A moment later the individual is lifted to a height from which he or she can catch their breath before moving off the HFL to a standing position, wheelchair, or other surface.


    Powered by a linear actuator system and a rechargeable battery, the designed and engineered to lift a person of up to 400 lbs. from the floor.

    The IndeeLift is portable for easy delivery to the fall location with a simple lift from the floor to a level where standing or transferring to a chair or wheelchair is possible.

Type: Floor Lift

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