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  • • The IndeeLift EMS Human Lift safely lifts a fallen person 21" up from the floor.

    • The lift only weighs 50 lbs but can lift 500 lbs. fast. 

    • The EMS Human Lift is a versatile and lightweight tool that solves the increasing problem of patient lift related injuries.

    • These injuries can cause significant indirect issues to you and your staff's well-being and budget. 


    From the Ground to the Gurney

    Developed to meet the demanding daily requirements of professional emergency service agencies. The IndeeLift's lightweight and durable design (50 lbs.) allows for fast deployment from a first responder's vehicle. 

    The HFL for EMS Lift's mounting ramp seat makes the fallen person's fall recovery quick and much easier. The seat does not require any elaborate harnesses or cradles.  Once seated, the HFL-500-E will safely raise the fallen person 21" in approximately one minute.   The HFL's simple to use sealed up/down rocker switch makes operation easy. 

    After completing their lift, the fallen person then can stand with less effort, or they can also transfer onto an ADA compliant bed, wheelchair, or scooter. 

    The EMS Human Lift folds into a minimal footprint allowing for secure storage on most trucks or vehicles.  The lift's rechargeable 24V DC battery system plugs directly into the vehicle electrical system. The battery can also charge on any standard AC wall outlet using the included battery charger. 


    Available in 2 Different Models:

    HFL-500-E:  Supports Up To 500 lbs. 

    HFL-550-E:  Supports up to 550 lbs. 

    Belt Assemblies:

    Both HFL models include two-safety-belt assemblies that can secure the patient to the lift. The belts are two different lengths and can stow on the lift when not in use. When in use, they are secured to the HFL's belt anchor points using their snap hooks. There are three sets of anchor points on the HFL for attachment. These six anchor points allow for a variety of different strapping options for any situation. 

    For more information on the different safety-belt configurations, please reference the HFL-500-E and HFL-550-E User Manual

  • IndeeLift HFL-500-E EMS Lift Dimensions

    Safe Working Load: 500 lbs

    Maximum Overall Length: 23.2"

    Maximum Overall Height: 24.2"

    Minimum Overall Height: 54"

    Maximum Seat Height: 21" 

    Turning Radius: 24"

    External Width: 20"

    Overall Height of Legs: 2"

    Wheels: 6"

    Power Pack: 2 lbs. 

    Total Weight: 50 lbs.

    Stowed Dimensions:

    8" D x 20" W x 33" H 


    IndeeLift HFL-550-E EMS Lift Dimensions

    Safe Working Load: 550 lbs.  

    Maximum Overall Length: 24.2"

    Maximum Overall Height: 53.8"

    Minimum Overall Height: 35"

    Maximum Seat Height: 21"

    Turning Radius: 30"

    External Width: 24.2"

    Overall Height of Legs: 2"

    Wheels: 6"

    Power Pack: 2 lbs.  

    Total Weight: 79 lbs. 

    Stowed Dimensions:

    12" D x 22" W x 35" H 


    Shipping Dimensions

    A custom shipping quote is required for these lifts


    Dimensions: 40" L x 18" W x 25" H

    Shipping Weight: 99 lbs. 



    Dimensions: 40" L x 18" W x 25" H

    Shipping Weight: 99 lbs. 



    Battery: 24-volt rechargeable Lithium Ion

    Battery Capacity: 4 Ampere Hours

    Charger Rated Input: 110 VAV

    Charger Rated Output: 25.9 VDC @ 2A

    Operating environment: >+5 ̊C <+40 ̊C

Type: Floor Lift

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