Hoyer 700 lb. Bariatric Patient Lift

Hoyer - 700 lb. Bariatric Patient Lift


This uniquely designed lift is electronically operated and safe for lifting heavier patients. It's sturdy and robust with a safe working load rating of 700 lbs. Designed to be configured with or without a weigh scale. The weigh scale is seamlessly integrated with a digital display on both sides and user-friendly controls. 6-point Cradle. The large, open cradle results in less discomfort for the patient, compared to other lifts which can pinch and squeeze. Powered Base. Legs can be opened and closed to enable access around armchairs, wheelchairs and similar obstacles without bending or twisting. Power Source. Comes standard with two batteries and a charging station. Visual and audible low-battery indicators are featured. Optional Scale. The position of the display can be adjusted for easier viewing. Simple, intuitive controls provide the resident's weight in pounds or kilograms.