Stand Alone Motion Sensor TL - 2700 Motion Senor Alarm - Stand Alone TL-2700
Stand Alone Motion Sensor TL - 2700 Motion Senor Alarm - Stand Alone TL-2700

Infrared Motion Sensor Alarm - Stand-Alone System - TL-2700


This Stand Alone Motion Sensor is an all-in-one device for monitoring patients and alerting caregivers of fall risk.

Has an adjustable swivel bracket for easy installation.

No cords or plugs are necessary, uses a 9V battery.

Place the monitor anywhere in the room to achieve the best monitoring angle.

Chime-style alarm with adjustable volume. The Stand Alone Motion Sensor is a patient monitor with a built-in alarm.

The TL-2700 monitor uses an infrared beam to detect movement within its field.

It provides effective awareness of residents' activities without the use of obtrusive pressure pads, floor mats, or pull-string devices.

The swivel bracket design makes it easy to install and simple to set at an appropriate angle for monitoring the edge of a bed or foot of a chair.

The caregiver will know immediately when the patient attempts to vacate a seat or bed and can intercept the patient before a fall occurs.

This motion monitor does not require any plugs or wires, simply install a 9V battery and it is ready to go.

Click here to see a copy of the system's instructions.

Special Notes:

The manufacturer does not claim that this device will stop elopement and or stop falls.

This device is to help augment caregivers' comprehensive resident mobility management program.



3.5" H x 3" W

Warranty: 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

Batteries/Electric: 1 x 9V

Item Number: TL-2700

Made In: China

Brand Name: Smart Caregiver