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Portable Single Grip Grab Bar


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  • This portable grab bar is designed as a serious home medical device - flimsy alternatives can not compare!

    Tested and approved by health professionals including occupational therapists and orthopedic surgeons.

    Heavy duty design but still stylish enough to fit any decor

    Durable Commercial Grade suction cups give you the confidence and stability you need to move freely and independently without worry.

    The Single Grip Grab Bar is portable and will not damage or deface property.


    This portable Single Grip Bar is great for:

    -  Bathtub and Showers

    -  Vacations

    -  Hotel Stays

    -  Winter Destinations (perfect for snow birds)

    -  Renters

    -  Rehabilitation

    -  Anytime a permanent grab bar is not possible

    The bar installs easily without tools!

    No expensive and inconvenient professional installation

    Save Money, Save Time

  • Color: White

    Pull Strength: Over 200 lbs. 

    (Not Designed to Support Your Entire Body Weight)

    Bar Length: 13"

    Suction Pad Diameter: 4.7”

    Weight: 1 lb

    Weight Capacity:

    The average healthy, adult human can generate about 60 lbs of pull strength using their own power.

    That same average, adult human’s fingers generally straighten out or release at about 80lbs of pull pressure due to the sheer force on the digits. 

    The Portable Single Grip Grab Bar has been tested to hold up to roughly 200 lbs. of pull pressure


    Installation & Manual

    Installation Guide

    Owner's Manual


    Installation Special Notes:

    5” Minimum size tile required for solid grip. For proper use the vacuum suction made by the bar’s discs, the bar can only be used on the nonporouse and smooth surface. The surfaces need to also be steam-tight, dry, and free of grease and oils. When used on a porous or rough surface, the bar’s vacuum hold will be diminished or does not exist at all. All tiles are not steam-tight and smooth, be sure to test your surface first.

    Using the portable single grip grab bar in extreme temperatures, like a sauna, or under water will reduce the suction power. The minimum area for each suction cup for successful adhesion is 5"x5". Grab Bars are not recommended for use with drywall. The portable Single Grip Grab Bar are not designed to support your whole body weight.

Type: Grab Bar

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