Skil-Care - Tri-Fold Bedside Mat Blue Skil-Care - Tri-Fold Bedside Mat Blue
Skil-Care - Tri-Fold Bedside Mat Blue Skil-Care - Tri-Fold Bedside Mat Blue

Skil-Care - Tri-Fold Bedside Mat



This Fall Mat comprised of high-density closed-cell foam provides protection against fall-related injuries for lower height beds

• Low Profile design for easy storage

• Conveniently folds into thirds and closes with Velcro


Placed on the left and right sides of the bed, Skil-Care's Tri-Fold Bedside Mat is intended to reduce the impact of a fall from a bed. According to CMS, bed rails are restraints if used "to keep a resident from voluntarily getting out of bed as opposed to enhancing mobility while in bed." When bed rails cannot be used, CMS suggests "placing the bed lower to the floor and surrounding the bed with a soft mat." 

Instructions for Use

Place the Tri-Fold Bedside Mat on the floor next to the bed. Two mats will be required if both rails are in the lowered position. Important note: make certain to place the tri-fold bedside mat on the floor with the label reading "THIS SIDE UP" facing up. The mat has a non-skid bottom that keeps it properly positioned next to the bed.


Skil-Care's Tri-Fold Bedside Mat is designed for easy storage. Simply fold the tree sections and secure the Velcro tabs. The mat fits easily in a closet or under the bed.

Safety Notices

It is the responsibility of each facility's appropriate medical professionals to determine if the Tri-Fold Bedside Mat is suitable as an injury-prevention device for a specific resident. 

To prevent staff members from stumbling, make certain all staff members, especially those working at night, are informed that the Tri-fold Bedside Mat has been placed at the side of the bed. 

Cleaning & Disinfecting

The Tr-Fold Bedside Mat may be cleaned using a spray-and-wipe cleaner. A mild disinfectant may be used.