Stander - Great Grips Door Knob Adapter

Stander - Great Grips Door Knob Adapter


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  • Great Grips covers enable you to grip and twist door knobs or round faucets with less effort.

    Two protrusions turn a round knob into a lever handle.

    The “Mini Levers” provide extra leverage and make opening any door easy, make doorknobs compliant

    Includes glow-in-the-dark inserts to make the doorknob easy to see at night


    Made of latex-free rubber that provides a soft grip on the doorknob 

    3101 Stander Great Grips Door Know Cover 


    Trouble opening doors?

    Great Grips are soft covers for round doorknobs and faucets.

    They have ridges for a comfortable grasp and a small protrusion on either side.

    These small protrusions are like a lever and let you turn the knob with the side of your hand, a finger or a fist.


    When your hands are full of packages, you can even open a doorknob with your elbow! 

    3101 Stander Great Grips Elbow

    Great Grips add a lever to round knobs to make them easier to turn.

    These latex free covers insulate your hand from touching hot or cold metal knobs.

    They also eliminate the static shock we sometimes get when the air is very dry.

    Great for your home or office!


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  • Great Grips In Action


  • Each package contains 2 clear Great Grips


    Product Weight: 0.15 lb

    Batteries/Electric: No

    Available Colors: Clear

    Care Instructions: Can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

    Compatibility (other devices): Great Grips can be stretched to 300% of their original size. They fit small interior household doorknobs to industrial high-traffic styles.

    Made of: A latex free material that is soft and flexible.

    Professional Ratings:
    ADA Compliant
    American Society on Aging Best Design Finalist

    Item Number: 3101

    Made In: USA

    Manufacturer: Great Grips

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    This item may be returned within 30 days if the product is in new, resalable condition. All parts, instructions and original packaging MUST be present.



    Delivers within 2 weeks:

    This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Delivery is usually within two weeks.