One-handed button and zipper hook wooden handle and metal hook model 640-8104-0021

Button Hook


The one-handed buttoning of clothes is made possible with a Button and Zipper Hook.

Insert the wire through the button hole and over the button, then pull through the hole.

An indispensable dressing aid for one handed people or people recovering from a stroke.

If you have trouble pushing a button through the button hole, this tool is for you.

Works on stubborn buttons or that tough zipper on your favorite pair of jeans.

Simply insert the wire through the button hole and over the button.

Then pull the button back through the hole. Or slip the hook through your zipper and pull!

It might take a little practice to use the button hook successfully every time, but it's worth the effort!


Product Weight: 0.05 lb

Made of: Wood and Metal

Made In: USA

Model Number: 640-8104-0021