A-frame style Side Hemi Aluminum Walker 500-1306-0600

Side Hemi Walker


The Side Hemi Walker offers sturdy support for use by anyone with a balance issue or "weak side".

Used like a quad cane.

Helpful as a standing aid.

Particularly stable walking aid for people who have had a stroke, or hip or knee replacement.

Hemi Walker provides needed support for individuals who have limited mobility and dexterity on one side.

The one-handed Side Hemi Walker is used as a quad cane. Because it has an A-frame design with a wide base, it provides even more stability. The "A" is offset so you can use the hemi walker on either side of your body.

The Side Hemi Walker also makes a great standing aid. Place it in front of you and use the handles as a ladder to 'climb' up to a standing position.

When you need to fold the Side Hemi Walker for storage, pull up the lever on the middle pole and it will collapse inward to a slim 3" wide.

The Hemi Walker is especially helpful for people who have had a stroke, hip or knee replacement! It will give them extra support on their weak side as they walk. It's lightweight and affordable, too!

Special Notes: The Side Hemi Walker should always remain unfolded during use.

Height: Adjustable from 30" to 34"

Measures: 30"H x 12" W x 18" D

Base Depth (when open): 9"

Collapsed Width: 3"

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

Product Weight: 3 lb 7 oz. s

Made of Body: Anodized Aluminum

Item Number: 500-1306-0600