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Mangar - Archimedes Power Bath Lift


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  • Economical & Portable Alternative to a Stationary Walk-in Bath, New Low Price!

    The Archimedes Bath Lift Includes:

    1 x Archimedes Bath Lift (Including two transfer flaps)

    1 x Sealed Hand Control (containing rechargeable battery)

    1 x Battery Charger

    Bathe safely with the next step up from our Bathing Cushion in terms of stability and back support.

    This lightweight, battery-powered option offers the comfort of a high backrest and long seat while still maximizing your leg room, so you can relax and take the weight off your joints.

    The Archimedes is designed‚ to raise and lower a user with limited mobility into the bath. Lower and raise yourself in and out of the bath on the reassuring and comfortable fixed position seat using the battery powered hand control.

    Simple to fit or remove conveniently separates into three pieces for travel or storage. The seat, base, and actuator (motor). The Archimedes should be stored with the seat section fully lowered and the hand control disconnected.


  • Safety

    With any bath lift device safety, the user's safety is the number one priority. The Archimedes is Battery operated, there are no dangerous power cables

    The Archimedes Bath Lift will only lower the user into the bath when there is sufficient battery power to raise them back out again. The battery powered Hand Control is fully waterproof. Its seat movement can be stopped at any time by pulling the hand control away from its connecting Actuator cable.

    Once disconnected from the Actuator cable, it will remain in the user's immediate reach with the innovative Hand Control Keeper. The Hand Control Keeper ensures that the hand control remains attached to the actuator cable for easy reach, but not fully connected and powering the actuator.

    For another lightweight, portable, and comfortable bathing option, be sure to check out the industry leading Mangar Bathing Cushion.   

  • Manual

    Archimedes' Bath Lift Instructions

    Battery Information:

    Recommend that batteries are left on charge when not in use. Not only will this mean they are always ready to give enough power for several baths, it will also keep the batteries in optimum condition for a longer life. The Archimedes Bath Lift is portable and is suitable for use throughout the world. Simply use your normal travel plug.

    Dimensions and Specifications:

    Maximum User Weight: 330 lbs

    Seat Height Minimum: 2.75"

    Seat Height Maximum: 17.25" (approx)

    Seat Depth: 17.5"

    Seat Width: 15.6"

    Seat's Back Height: 28.5"

    Flaps Width: 6.7"

    Flaps Depth: 11.65"

    Total Weight of the Archimedes: 22 lbs

    Seat Section Only: 11.5 lbs

    Base Section Only: 6 lbs

    Actuator: 4.5 lbs

    Cleaning and Care:

    Regularly clean your Archimedes with the same non-abrasive cleaners that you normally use on your bathtub. It is best to separate the seat and base sections prior to cleaning.

    The Archimedes can be disinfected using a proprietary sterilizing solution or any antibacterial cleaner. Regular cleaning will help to prolong the life and efficiency of your Archimedes bath lift.

    Manufacturer: Mangar

    Item Number: LA3716

    Made In: United Kingdom

    Archimedes Spare Parts

    Click Here For Our Collection of Separate Archimedes Components

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Type: Bath Lift

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