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Aquatec XL Heavy Duty Bath Lift


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  • • The Aquatec XL is a battery-powered bath seat that will lower and raise you again in your own bath tub.

    • Enjoy a long soak and the therapeutic effects of a warm, traditional bath.

    • Aquatec Bath Lifts offer reclining backrests, optional seat widths, back laterals, and different colors.

    The XL Model of the Aquatec Bath Lifts, features adjustable side laterals for additional upper body support. This model is designed to support 400 lbs. The Aquatec XL Bathlift is perfect for those with special bathing needs. The XL Lift's hand remote has a simple to use up/down button and low-power indicator. The bath lifts lithium-ion battery is inside of the hand control for convenient recharging.

    The system is secured by self-release suction cups which adhere securely to smooth tub floors. The seat's flaps rest on the top of the tub to allow for safe and stable transfers. Includes a white removable cover. The removable cover makes cleaning simple and quick

  • The Aquatec line is made from a stable and rust-free frame. The frame includes reinforced lifting scissors and bottom plate. Aquatec's have a non-slip textured surface and comes with removable, washable covers. The bath lift disassembles into 3 easy to carry parts; back, seat and hand control.

    Power Source

    Aquatec Bathlifts use a state-of-the-art, ergonomic floating hand control with integrated battery. This battery is made from the latest lithium-ion manganese-based rechargeable battery pack.

    The battery has total discharge protection and no memory effect. A low battery indicator will light on the hand control when the battery needs to be recharged. The Aquatec includes a safety feature that will not allow the lift to lower when it does not have enough power to rise again. The lift's high backrest and molded neck support can be folded forward with just one hand. The system's maintenance-free actuator is both powerful and silent.

  • Which Aquatec Bath Lift is right for you?

    There are 3 different models of the Aquatec Bathlift:

    • The Regular Aquatec with Reclining Back

    The Regular Aquatec Model with reclining back support (10° - 40°) is available in designs to fit both standard size tubs and wider whirlpool style tubs. Available in Blue or White. 
    Further information about the Regular Aquatec Model Here 

    • The Aquatec RSB

    The is R.S.B. (Reclining Special Back) Aquatec Model, features adjustable side laterals. It is also available in a regular or wide design, depending on your bath's design. Available in Blue or White. 
    Further information about the Aquatec RSB Model Here

    • AquatecXL (This Page)

    The AquatecXL is designed to support up to 400lbs. Only Available in White

    Make your Aquatec Bath Lift your own.

    Explore these positioning accessories to make your bathing safe and easy:

    Head Support

    Wedge Cushion

    Aquatec Carry Bag

    A Rotary Seat & Transfer Board (which can help make transfers smoother)

  • The Aquatec RSB Battery Powered Bath Lift 

    Aquatec RSB Bath Lift Manual

    RSB Bath Lift Regular Width (Traditional Bath Tubs) Dimensions: 

    Seat width without Sideflaps: 14.75"

    Seat width with Sideflaps: 27.88"

    Sitting Area Length:  19"

    Maximum seat Height: 17"

    Minimum Seat Height: 2.5"

    Backrest width: 14"

    Backrest height: 26"

    Total Length (backrest upright): 24"

    Total Length (backrest reclined): 33"

    Total height including backrest:  42"

    Bottom plate, footprint:  12" x  23"

    Cover Thickness: .11"

    Total weight without hand control: 27 lb

    Seat Weight: 17 lb

    Backrest Weight: 10 lb

    Handcontrol Weight: 1 lb

    Load Capacity: 400 lb

    Backrest Reclines to: 40°

    Part Number White: A1573862

Type: Bath Lift

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