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Mangar Bathing Cushion


• The Mangar Bathing Cushion lowers you into the tub and raises you back up again, at the touch of a button.

• After use, the lightweight cushion can be deflated and easily removed for storage.

• Perfect if you are traveling or need to share the bathroom

• The affordable, portable alternative to expensive, permanent walk-in bathtubs.

Designed for Comfort

The Mangar Bathing Cushion is ideal if you have trouble getting into and out of the bath. The cushion can support up to 330 lbs. The air powered cushion gently lowers you into the tub. Then you may decide how much air you would like to leave in the cushion during your bath.

The best relief for your sore knees and legs today. 

You can completely release the cushion's air and enjoy a traditional bath. Or, you may stop the cushion's deflation (letting go of the button) when the bath cushion is at your ideal level of comfort. Giving you and your back a custom, supportive cushion throughout your bath. The bathing cushion will provide many years of trouble-free service.


The Practical & Economic Bathing Solution

The Mangar Bathing Cushion is a convenient and economical alternative for your assisted bathing needs. Avoid walk-in tub's expensive, inconvenient, and permanent installation. 

Permanent walk-in bathtubs, their hidden expenses like new plumbing, and installation can cost between $3,000 to $15,000. Avoid the hassle, at a low, low price. 



The Mangar Bathing Cushion focus is providing you a comfortable bath. To have a healthy and traditional bath the system is designed to keep you safe. 

The Bathing Cushion's Airflo 12 can determine if there is enough power to complete a full deflation and inflation cycle. If the Airflo 12 determines that there is not enough power, it will prevent any deflation.

The Bathing Cushion is battery operated; there are no dangerous electric cables. The cushion's easy to use hand control is also fully waterproof. The cushion's power supply will only lower one if there is enough power in the battery to raise the user back up again.


The Bathing Cushion

The bathing cushion aid is designed for individuals who have sufficient upper body strength to hold the sides of the bath for added support if required. The cushion is not designed for any other uses and should never be used outside of the tub.

Made from polyurethane coated nylon material and constructed by high-frequency welding. It's strong and lightweight for easy removing.   The Bath Cushion can also fold into itself for easy storage or hang to dry.


The Airflo 12

The Airflo 12 inflates the bathing cushion. The AIrflo 12 includes a battery charger, one 12-V battery, and the 2 - way hand control. The 12 has a battery status indicator to ensure a sufficient charge before use.

Its battery status indicator (above the Airflo 12 label) will show steady green when complete. If it is not constant green, charge the battery overnight before first using the Airflo 12. If the batteries are too low, the down button on the hand control will not work. 


Maximum User Weight: 336 lbs. 

Seat Height: 16"

Seat Depth: 17.5"

Backrest Width: 21"

Backrest Depth: 13"

Air hose Length: 6'

Cushion Weight: 4.5 lbs. 


User Manual

For more information about the Mangar Bathing Cushion's use, maintenance, and detailed instructions, please browse its manuals below:

Mangar Bathing Cushion Instructions

Mangar Airflo 12 Manual


Return Policy & Delivery Information

Mangar Return Policy & Delivery Information


The Bathing Cushion & Airflo 12 are covered by a 2 year warranty

All warranty claims require inspection of the component before replacement or repair.