2085 Stander BedCaddie

Stander - Bed Caddie


The Bed Caddie is a nylon 'bed ladder' that you climb with your arms to make lying down and sitting up in bed easier and less painful. It has three cushioned rungs, allowing you to move gradually into position.

The Bed Caddie makes it easier for you to be independent and safe as you get into and out of bed. Plus, it's so easy to set up and remove you can take it with you when you travel! 



3 Hand Grips - Ladder-like design makes sitting up easy

Versatile - Attaches to any bed frame

Sturdy Nylon Construction – Provides long lasting safety

Adjustable – Customize length to fit your preference

Ergonomic – Cushioned, no-slip rubber contour grip

Hassle Free Assembly – Installs and removes in seconds, no tools required


Strap Length can be adjusted up to 45" for different sized mattresses.

Grip Width: 5" W

Grip Diameter: Approximately 1"

Space between each grip: 12"

Grip Length: 36"

Weight Capacity: 300 lb

Product Weight: 2 lb

Bed Caddie Manual