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Stander - Bed Caddie


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  • Makes it easier to lie down and sit up in bed. 

    Ladder like rungs gives you a way to pull yourself up or gently lay yourself down.

    Helpful if you have back pain from pregnancy, arthritis or another physical condition.


    The Bed Caddie helps you sit up!

    Going to bed is supposed to be the easiest thing we do all day, but for people with back pain, it can be one of the hardest!

    The Bed Caddie easily attaches to the bed frame under the mattress and lies across the bed. When you are sitting in bed and ready to lie down, start at the bottom of the Bed Caddie and slowly lower yourself towards the head of the bed.

    When you are ready to sit up, grab the Bed Caddie's top rung and work yourself up by 'climbing' towards the foot of the bed. The Bed Caddie attaches to your bed frame with a strap.

    The Bed Caddie is a nylon 'bed ladder' that you climb with your arms to make lying down and sitting up in bed easier and less painful. It has three cushioned rungs, allowing you to move gradually into position. The Bed Caddie makes it easier for you to be independent and safe as you get into and out of bed. Plus, it's so easy to set up and remove you can take it with you when you travel! 


    3 Hand Grips - Ladder-like design makes sitting up easy

    Versatile - Attaches to any bed frame

    Sturdy Nylon Construction – Provides long lasting safety

    Adjustable – Customize length to fit your preference

    Ergonomic – Cushioned, non-slip rubber contour grip

    Hassle Free Assembly – Installs and removes in seconds, no tools required

  • Instructions

    Click here to see a copy of the Bed Caddie's Instructions

    Click here to see a copy of the Bed Caddie's Brochure


    Strap Length can be adjusted up to 45" for different sized mattresses.

    Grip Width: 5" W

    Grip Diameter: Approximately 1"

    Space between each grip: 12"

    Grip Length: 36"

    Weight Capacity: 300 lb

    Product Weight: 2 lb

    Available Colors: Black

    Medical Restrictions: Check with your doctor or Occupational Therapist before using.

    Made of: Durable nylon construction.

    Item Number: 2085

    Made In: China

    Brand Name: BedCaddie

Type: Standing Aid

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