16" Healthsmart Suction Cup Grab Bar with bactix

Suction Cup Grab Bar with BactiX


Available in Two Different Colors and Sizes

This grab bar will provide brief balance assistance on any non-porous surface.

The grab bar is instilled with BactiX antimicrobial protection

The dependable and strong suction pads ensure your safe balance assistance

The grab bar attaches and re-attaches with the simple flip of the lever

When the lever is being flipped, the color indicator will change from red to green.

When the color indicator displays green, the bar is both safe and secure.

Special Note: This is not designed to support your full body weight

The BactiX Advantage

Protects against the growth of harmful germs with the power of a unique blend of natural antimicrobials

Non-stop protection from molds, stains, odors, as wells staph and E. coli.

The BactiX Advantage is effective for the lifetime of the product

Tool-Free Assembly


Available Color: Sand, Chrome

Available Lengths: 12" and 16"

Quantity: 1 Grab bar

Model Numbers:

12" Chrome: 521-1561-1912

16" Chrome: 521-1561-1916

12" Sand: 521-1562-1912

16" Sand: 521-1562-1916