Wireless Fall Prevention Guide

September 12, 2017

Wireless Fall Prevention Guide

Wireless alert caregivers via floor mat, motion sensor, chair pad, bed pad, or pager

Central monitor systems wireless manage multiple devices and multiple patients.

Letting you customize the monitoring that you and your patients need.


Cord Free Fall Monitoring:

• Sensor pads or mats are placed under the at-risk individual and when they start to stand up, a wireless alert is sent to the fall monitor notifying caregivers.

Cord Free Fall Monitors are compatible with CordLess Weight-Sensing Bed, Chair Pads & Floor Mats.

Emilinate in-room alarm noise. Cord Free Fall Monitor's wireless design allow you to place the alarm outside of the patient’s room. 

Cord Free Fall Monitors:

Cordless Bed or Chair Exit Alarm Monitor TL-2100G 
No more in noise room. Use the quiet fall monitor where you need it!
The monitors can be mounted up to 30 feet away from the bed pad, chair pad, or floor mat. 

Economy Cordless 6 Channel Alarm Monitor 433-EC
A versatile wireless monitor that talks to pagers and other remote caregiver devices.
Cord-free monitoring with a range up to 300 feet, can support 6 different monitoring devices. 


Central Monitoring

433-CMU Central Monitor

• Assign & manage up to 60 different devices with the 433-CMU and 999 with the TL-2015R2

• Easily monitor a variety of different style devices in a variety of locations in one central location. 

• Setup and programming is quick and easy


Central Monitors:

Economy Central Monitor 433-CMU
Monitor up to 40 or 60 patients from one central location.
Available separately and in the central monitoring system set. 
Compatible with 7 different wireless monitoring devices. 

Large Facility Central Monitoring Unit TL-2015R2
Central Monitoring Unit TL-2015R2
Designed for large facility monitoring.
Works with up to 999 different wireless components. 
Can monitor all wireless monitoring devices, including door bars and bathroom pull cord systems. 

Emergency Call Light & Pull Cord System 2007-SYS
Pull cord system designed for bathrooms.
Compatible with the 433-CMUs and TL-2015R2s.  

Paging Systems


 • Send alerts directly to the caregiver's wireless mobile pager

 • Eliminate in-room alarm noise

 • Their pager's range provides caregivers increased independence


Paging Systems:

Personal Cordless Paging System TL-5102TP
When the buttons are pressed, signals are sent to the pager immediately
The pager can receive the signal up to 150 feet away

Motion Sensor & Pager TL-5102MP 
When the sensor is activated it will wirelessly signal the caregiver's pager
The motion sensor's infrared field can monitor exits, by resident's bedside, or any other space.  

Quiet Exit Monitor with Caregiver Paging TL-2016R
Eliminates in-room alarm noise with quiet fall monitor that alerts caregiver's pager or monitoring station. 


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