Safe Patient Solution's ResQup is a lightweight and portable fall recovery aid that offers a safe alternative to dangerous manual patient lifts. Repetitive lifts of fallen persons are hazardous to the caregiver's long-term musculoskeletal health. The safe lifting options available to caregivers are often substantial and permanent. The ResQup's suitcase like design makes retrieving and transporting it trouble-free.

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Constructed of three horizontal levels, the ResQup assists a fallen individual with an ergonomically designed set of stairs. The user will "walk" or pull themselves up the three stairs with their back or side facing each of the levels.

Ergonomic Design

Designed for optimum support and function the three 4.5" high levels are at the ideal anatomical height. At these three heights (4..5", 9", and 13.5") the user's shoulder is placed at relative mid-range. These positions provide the user maximum shoulder strength during use. Ergonomically designed, the supportive levels include edges designed to offer additional grip.

resqup physical therapistThe ResQup's usability and functionality are not by accident. Safe Patient Solutions founder and the inventor of the ResQup, Dr. Al Peraza is a practicing physical therapist. Dr. Peraza has more than 20 years of first-hand experience working with clients. Assisting a fallen person off of the floor is an all too common occurrence. There is a variety of expensive and permanent patient lifts available. Dr. Peraza observed an opportunity to provide his patients the same safe lifting assistance as these lifts but in a portable and much more affordable design.

Once Dr. Peraza had developed the ResQup and introduced it into his physical therapy practice, he found that it was much more than a fall assistive device. Working with his patients, he realized that the ResQup could also help patients improve their strength, balance, and endurance. 

For Strength

The ResQup can help increase your strength and mobility. Dr. Peraza recommends sitting in a standard height chair (roughly 18"). Position the folded up ResQup in front of the chair. Then lower yourself to the top of the ResQup. Using your arms and legs to move from the chair to the top level of the ResQup. Then push and lift yourself back into the chair. This exercise will strengthen your arms and legs.

Repeat transferring your self onto and off of the ResQup's 13.5" high top level. It will build strength and confidence so you can work your way to the lower levels by unfolding the other two levels. Working your way down through the second and third levels will help you get up completely off of the floor and into your chair.

For Balance

The ResQup can also be used to help improve balance. Dr. Peraza uses the ResQup's three different horizontal levels and has them pick up their feet at various levels to enhance their stability. The higher the patient can lift up their foot, the higher level of balance skill is needed.

When starting this exercise, use a counter or other stable surface for additional support. Older adults often have trouble lifting their feet and can have a shuffling style of walk. Practicing foot lifts with the ResQup and its horizontal levels will help the patient's gait and increase their balance.

For Endurance

The ResQup can help a patient find their endurance level. Its horizontal levels can be used to complete a two-minute endurance test. Place your right foot on the first level (4.5" high) and then back onto the floor. Then repeat placing your foot on its first level with your left foot. Tally how many times you can put each foot on the first level. Recording your performance and practicing the step test will quickly help your endurance improve.

These three exercises and tests help the ResQup become much more than a just in case of an emergency aid. With each of these exercies and tests it is recommended that a caregiver be present throughout the trial period. 

The ResQup is a versatile and unique assistive device. Its innovative design offers an affordable and portable fall recovery option. This design also allows for the ResQup to become more than an emergency aid. It can be incorporated into a daily exercise regimen for increased mobility and fall prevention. The ResQup is the only full fall prevention and fall response device available.

With our low ResQup price and a simple 30 days, no questions asked, return policy trying the ResQup out in your own home or office is easy. Contact LiveOakMed today via chat, phone, or e-mail for us to answer all of your safe patient lifting questions today. 

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