Following last week's overview of the National Council on Aging’s Falls Prevention Day. We want to showcase the NCOA’s initiatives to keep older American’s financially secure.

NCOA: Economic Security 

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) protects and improves the lives of older Americans. The NCOA protects older American’s physical and financial well-being. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 older Americans is economically insecure. The NCOA’s programs and resources hope to assist those who need extra assistance and information.

Their financial programs are broken down into four categories: access to appropriate benefits, unbiased home equity information, job training, and money management.

Benefits for Seniors

Many older persons who are economically insecure qualify for benefits but are not enrolled. These programs can offer much-needed assistance when paying for prescription drugs, medical care, food or heat in their homes. Their website collects quick summaries of all available programs and where to find out if they qualify.

These programs and many other bureaucracies can become quickly complicated. We highly recommend visiting this resource for you or your loved one to make these programs much clearer. 

Home Equity

Regularly older Americans will find themselves “house rich but cash poor.” The NCOA’s Economic Security resources offer clear, unbiased, information on strategies to responsible access that equity. Many seniors have spent a lifetime building that valuable investment. The NCOA does not want anyone to make a mistake that could cost them their future.

Older Workers

Many older adults have to or desire to keep working following their retirement. There are a variety of programs available to help these workers find training and positions that are a great fit.

The NCOA offers access to the Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program. The SEE is one of 6 different government organizations that seek older workers to share their experience and skills. The NCOA also offers access to the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). The SCSEP gives part-time work and training to assist Seniors in achieving financial stability.

Money Management

NCOA’s money management resources and tools help seniors stretch their dollar. Over 23 million Seniors are financially insecure. NCOA offers advice on managing debt and budgeting. Tips to avoid the all too common scams targeting Seniors. Also, read/use NCOA’s Elder Economic Security Standard Index (Elder Index) to identify the costs of retiring in your state and region. The Elder Index’s database will show you how much is needed to be economically secure and lets you compare different locations. 

NCOA: The Organization's Mission 

NCOA LogoOutside of their Financial Security initiatives, the NCOA works to improve the lives of all older Americans. They provide a national voice for older adults, especially those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, and the community organizations that serve them.

Live Oak Med hopes that you or your loved ones can use the National Council on Aging’s online resources and find an in-person event near you. We also hope that through our brief introduction today you see fit to join us in supporting this organization. For more information about NCOA and how you can help their cause, please visit their website and watch for our upcoming posts on their programs.

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