Mangar Patient lifts provide dependable service when you need help the most. Their sturdy, comfortable, and dignified lift up off of the floor is the foundation of an investment in a Mangar lifting system.

The system's easy to use design allows it to be quickly retrieved and used when responding to a fall. However, before returning your Elk Lifting Cushion or Camel Lifting Cushion to storage, there are a few ways that your can help extend the working life of your Mangar lift. The Mangar lifts principal parts are the cushion and the cushion's power source, the Airflo 24.


How to keep your lift system in its best shape:

The Cushion

The Elk and Camel's cushions give a patient a unique and comforting lifting experience. Their innovative design allows for the fallen person to be rolled or to slide onto the deflated cushion before use. Then in around a minute, the soft, lightweight cushion (the Elk weighs 8 lbs and the Camel 14 lbs) will inflate and become as supportive as any platform or transfer board. 

For your Elk or Camel to remain supportive during its use, it is important to remove any sharp objects from the inflation surface. Also whenever used on a rough surface, such as pavement, it is recommended to place a blanket, towel, or groundsheet beneath the cushion. 

Outside of exposure to sharp objects and rough surfaces, the Mangar cushions are designed to be upkeep free. However, during its routine use, your may find that the cushions require disinfecting and cleaning.

To clean the Mangar or Elk cushion just inflate all of the cushion's sections. And using a sponge, clean its surface with a nonabrasive liquid cleaner or disinfectant. Rinse the cushion with cold water and air dry before returning it to storage.

To disinfect the Elk or Camel again fully inflate all of its cushions. Pre-clean by washing its surface with water and detergent, thoroughly rinsing. Then clean using a 1:10 solution of household liquid bleach and water (1 part bleach to 10 parts cold water). Then leave the 1:10 solution of the Camel for roughly 10 minutes before rinsing off with clean cold water. Allow the cushion to air dry before rolling it back up and storing it for next use.

After cleaning or disinfecting your Mangar cushion, it is essential to air dry. Do not use hot air to dry the cushion following its cleaning or sanitizing. Using hot air adds stress to the cushion's sealed chambers and its material.

Avoiding rough surfaces, routine cleaning, and proper air drying will keep your Elk or Camel in top shape.


The Battery

The Mangar safe patient lifts are powered and inflated by the portable Airflo 24. The Airflo 24 houses a powerful 24-volt battery and air compressor. In a new lightweight (9 pounds), intuitive, and contemporary design the Airflo 24 is ready for a fast response. The 24-volt battery is responsible for both holding a charge for multiple lifts while also actively lifting the patient up from the floor. This technology requires a few simple recommendations to keep the battery's internal chemistry correct.

Fully charging the Airflo 24 takes a minimum of 16 hours. Following this initial charge, it is recommended to discharge and recharge the Airflo 3 to 5 times. After these inflations, the Airflo will be at its peak performance and capacity. It is recommended to keep the Airflo continuously plugged in. The Airflo cannot be overcharged. An internal system ensures that the battery will not overcharge or overheat while plugged in over extended periods. This constant charging allows for the Airflo to be 100% confident in its charge and be 100% ready in the time of need

Unless there has been a particular incident where contamination is suspected, only periodically cleaning the Airflo is required. To clean the Airflo 24 first unplug it from the power source. Clean its external surfaces with a non-abrasive damp cloth and warm water. Then just wipe dry wth a dry towel before reconnecting to the battery charger. Do not allow moisture to enter into any part of the compressor. Do not use solvent-based products while cleaning the Airflo.

To disinfect the Airflo 24 just pre-clean using a damp cloth and then disinfect with a hard surface alcohol impregnated wipe.

To maintain the battery's potential during storage make sure that they are fully charged for 16 hours every three months. Also, ensure that the battery is fully charged before storing as well.


Standard Warranty 

The entire line of Mangar lifts provide dependable and durable performance. The standard 2-year warranty covers the cushions and the Airflo 24, and the battery is six months. This manufacturer warranty covers, part costs, and delivery charges. Once notified that a part has become damaged, within 24 hours the replacement part will ship.


The New Extended Warranty

New this month, extended warranties are now available for all Mangar core products. These extended warranties cover the Elk, Camel, and Airflo 24. For as little as 11 cents per day, you can receive the confidence that if anything goes wrong with your equipment that it will be working before you know it. The extended warranties are available for one year, three years, and five-year lengths. These lengths are in addition to the standard warranty of 2 years. Their pricing is below. Please contact us today for any questions about the new extended warranties.

We hope that these tips will help your new or existing Mangar systems properly maintained and performing correctly for years to come. Contact our experienced staff today with any questions. 

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