The Mangar Health Elk Lifting Cushion and Camel Lifting Cushions are accompanying the Norwegian team to this year's winter Paralympics in Pyong Chang, South Korea. The Elk and Camel lifts will help the team's medical staff respond quickly to any injuries and assist with the athlete's transfers.

Norway is the most decorated country of all time in the winter Paralympics. Norway has topped the overall medal counts in four different winter games since the winter Paralympics founding in 1960. Mangar Health's Norwegian team presented the Elks and Camels to team ambassador Cato Zahl Pedersen and Chief Medical Officer Hilde Mosby Berge. Team Ambassador Pedersen is a Norwegian Olympic hero, winning fourteen medals in both the Winter and Summer Paralympics.

mangar patient lifting cushion

Left to Right: Cato Zahl Pedersen, Hilde Mosby Berge, and Norwegian Mangar Distributor Tor Arild Mortveit

Throughout his athletic career, Pedersen competed in a variety of different events including track and field, sailing, alpine skiing, and winning the gold medal in cross-country skiing. Outside of his legendary Olympic career, Pedersen was also a member of a four-person Norwegian skiing expedition to the South Pole. Pedersen reached the South Pole while carrying his sled with a prosthetic right arm. 

The Norwegian Mangar team outlined the versatility of the Camel and Elk lifting cushions for the medical support staff. The lifting cushions will help the athletes get into and out of their wheelchairs to rest in between heats and events. Pyong Chang's benches are unfortunately quite low. The ELK offers their support staff assistance when athletes transfer between their chairs and the low benches. These transfers become more challenging with the Norwegian athlete's heavy, muscular frames. 

Team Norway's Chief Medical Officer, Hilde Mosby Berge, relies on the Mangar Camel lifting cushion during both the summer and winter Paralympics. Berge knows from first-hand experience the high risk of injury in many of the winter and summer game's events. His medical staff has their Camel charged and ready to assist any injured athletes following an accident.

Simon Claridge, CEO of Mangar Health commented, “We’re very proud to be associated with such a prestigious event as the Paralympics. The Mangar Health emergency lifting cushions are used by healthcare professionals worldwide to protect them from injuries caused by repetitive lifting. We wish the Norwegian competitors luck at the Games and hope the medical support team enjoys their time in Pyong Chang.”

The 2018 Winter Paralympics begin in Pyong Chang, South Korea on March 8th and will conclude on March 18th.

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