The Mangar ELK and Mangar Camel lifting cushions are both innovative portable patient floor lifts. They provide users the opportunity to preserve their independence and dignity following a fall. While the Elk and Camel lifting cushions also offer their caregivers a safe alternative to hazardous manual patient lifts.

Each of their professional grade cushions inflates beneath the fallen individual, lifting them up off of the floor to an elevated sitting position. This lift protects the caregiver and the user from musculoskeletal injuries that can occur assisting the fallen individual. These back, arms, and other strains will only be exacerbated if the patient has to be helped up regularly.

Both floor lifting systems are also part of our special March Mangar offer. Now through April, with the purchase of either the Elk of Camel system we will include free express delivery and a free transfer aid. For more details about this special offer, visit our special Mangar offer page

The Cushions 

The Elk and Camel's cushions both operate similarly. However, the Elk's dimensions allow for its use in more narrow locations. These could include the space between a bed and wall or inside of a small bathroom.

Mangar elk lifting cushion

The ELK's 4-chambers:

Deflated: 24.5" W x 10" H x 4.5" D
Inflated: : 22.5" W x 22" H x 20" D

Weighing only 8 lbs. the Elk's cushion can be deployed deflated indoors and outdoors in even the smallest of spaces. Although, with the square, cushion shape it is recommended that the caregiver or operator of the system crouches behind the user. They can ensure stability and operate the 4-way control from this position.

The CAMEL's much larger cushion includes an additional chair style back support. This chair style back support inflates to the user's preference. Controlled by the 4-way hand control, it allows the user increased independence throughout the CAMEL's inflation. Depending on the user's strength it is recommended that an operator be present to ensure that the patient remains centered on the cushion.

mangar camel lifting cushion

With the back support, the Camel has a larger footprint:

Deflated: 30.5" L x 8" W
Inflated:  28" W x 19" D x 44" L
Back Support: 32.5" H x 23.5" W

Operational indoors and outdoors, the Camel's larger dimensions may prevent it from use in specific areas. It is essential to evaluate and measure your required patient lifting needs during your decision.

The Airflo 24

The Mangar Camel and Elk Emergency Lifts are portable and battery powered. The Airflo 24 air compressor connects to both cushions and uses the same 4-way hand control.

airflo 24

The Airflo 24 is the updated Airflo Plus. The new Airflo 24 has a much lighter weight design, a more detailed battery status indicator light, and charging timer. All of these updated features in a more contemporary and clean white design.

Both the Elk and the Camel use the same power source, due to the different sizes of the cushions they power a different number of inflations of a full charge. From a full charge, the Camel cushion can fully inflate approximately one to three times. From a wholly charged battery, the Elk can fill three to five times. These estimated numbers depend on a variety of factors such as the user's weight, the temperature, time since its full charge, and the overall age of the battery.

These high powered inflations require a significant amount of power. The Camel emergency lifting cushion can support up to 700 pounds. The ELK patient lift can help up 992 pounds. To accomplish this feat quickly, both can inflate in under 2 minutes, the Airflo 24's batteries must remain plugged when not in use.

Keeping the Airflo 24 on charge preserves the battery's internal chemistry and helps it be habitually as ready as possible when needed. The batteries remain in a floating charge between 97% and 100%, preventing the possibility of overcharging and keeping the battery's chemistry in motion. Keeping the Airflo plugged in will also help extend the life of and performance of the battery. The energy that required for a lift also means it cannot inflate the cushions off of the wall's electricity alone. If its batteries are depleted, it would not be able to help strictly off of the outlet.

Overall the primary difference between the Mangar ELK and Mangar Camel is the size and support each cushion offers. Determine the user and the caregiver before, during, and after inflation. Try and visualize how either cushion would fit in your loved one's living space and map out what other devices (transfer boards, wheelchairs) would need to be at hand following inflation. 

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