Richmond Villages, located in Eastern England, provides their residents with a wide selection of accommodation options. Everything from independent living apartments to assisted living apartments, and care home bedrooms. Richmond Village's facilities were designed for their residents to have an attractive, peaceful environment to live a full and active life.  

Their staff has found that the Mangar CAMEL lift has solved many of their large and varying facilities needs. 

Richmond Village's care bedrooms are state of the art with 24-hour dementia and nursing care support. Professional trained, caregivers look after residents in the assisted living section and are always on call if a resident should find themselves in trouble. 

Manager Cathy Goldsmith has always searched for ways to ensure that residents have the best possible care and enjoy their life at Richmond Village. 

Goldsmith said, “The staff have quite a large space to cover here so when a resident falls, we need to a lifting solution that allows us to get help to them quickly. What I particularly like about the Camel is that we can just grab it and run. It’s so portable which means we can lift residents wherever they have fallen, whether it’s in the gardens, at home in their bathroom or in the public coffee shop.” 

Richmond Village is also committed to keeping their residents comfortable and settled in their homes. Goldsmith continued “More often than not if we call an ambulance they will take the resident to a hospital to be checked out, which means they can spend many hours waiting in A&E.”

Watch the Mangar CAMEL Lift in Use Below:


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