"The Camel is the most dementia-friendly lifting equipment available"

Perry Tree CentreThe Perry Tree Center located in Birmingham, England offers many services to many older adults. Services include residential home care, a rehabilitation facility, and an assessment service.

Perry Tree has specialized in providing support to adults with a wide range of needs including those suffering from dementia. Their resident's dignity is their main priority and great care is taken to protect residents from any unnecessary annoyance.

Unfortunately, those with dementia or any other cognitive impairment, have an increased chance to fall. The fallen individual must be then lifted to their feet or chair as gently, quickly, and comfortably as possible.

Perry Tree's caregivers use the Mangar Camel regularly to lift those who have fallen. The Camel lift is the staff's preferred lift of choice. The caregivers have found that their residents feel quite secure on the Camel and associated distress is reduced to a minimum. Also while using the camel, the fallen resident's personal dignity is protected because their clothing can be easily adjusted to ensure privacy is maintained.

Delroy Bonnitto, the service manager at Perry Tree, believes the Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion complements the dementia-friendly principles of the Perry Tree Center by reducing the risk of behaviors that can be potentially triggered by other types of lifting equipment. 

Bonnitto saysid “Using the Mangar lifting cushions means our residents can be raised to their feet with minimal fuss. They are comfortable, dignified and don’t feel as though they are causing a scene and upsetting fellow residents. This means anxiety levels are kept to a minimum, which is vital for anyone with dementia”.

Camel Lift in Action Below:

For more information about the Mangar Camel Lift and how it can help you or your loved one's please visit our Camel page or contact us at 888-940-0605

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