Relaxing in a warm bath is one of the most soothing solutions for your sore muscles and joints. The physical and mental comfort of a simple warm bath is difficult to beat. The bath's all-natural pain relief can become a challenge when exiting or entering the bathtub becomes unsafe. There are several different styles of bath lifts and bathtub accessibility products on the market today that offer additional assistance in and out of your tub. But, none of these products can give you an entirely traditional bathing experience.

When you need help into and out of the tub, dependability and comfort are critical. Other bath lifts and accessibility products inadvertently overlook your comfort. The Mangar Bathing Cushion gives you the reliable support and safety you need without sacrificing any of your bathing enjoyment.

Traditional Bath Lifts Come Up Short 

The chair style bath lift provides a sturdy base and stiff back while being lifted in the tub. This plastic, stiff back remains while you are enjoying your bath. This back support can be useful if you have limited upper body strength or mobility. But, for those who do not require this extra assistance the lift's back support can make bathing uncomfortable.

The chair style bath lift has to be attached to a flat part of your tub. The flat portion in many bathtubs often can be up to a foot away from the tub's back edge. Sacrificing this curved portion of the tub will directly reduce the length of available bathing space and legroom. Regardless of your height or length of your legs, this bathing situation is less than ideal. With the tub full, your sore knees and legs can remain exposed out of the bath's warm water.

Bath lift chair diagram

The chair's back support will also prevent you from reclining into the tub and stretching fully out. This design was once the only available option for assistance in the tub, until the Mangar Bathing Cushion.


The Mangar Bathing Cushion

The Mangar Bathing Cushion uses air power to give you an unmatched bathing experience. With your safety, comfort and bathing independence in mind, Mangar developed a truly innovative solution.

Its cushion will gently lower and raise and you into your bathtub. Powered by a portable, high powered air compressor (the Airflo 12) the Bathing Cushion can support up to 336 pounds. Its portable and easy to remove design means you can remove the Bathing Cushion if you are either traveling or sharing the bathroom with loved ones.

The Airflo 12's internal system will prevent any use if there isn't enough power in its batteries to complete a full inflation and deflation cycle. This unique design provides a supportive and much more pleasant seating surface. Becuase it is, after all, a cushion as opposed to a stiff plastic chair. 

Similar to the chair style bath lifts, the Magar Bathing Cushion will also have to attach to the tub's flat bottom. However, the Bathing Cushion allows you to deflate it to your specific preference. You can fully deflate the cushion to its approximate height of 1," or you can also choose to leave air in the cushion for added comfort. It is your choice because when you are through with your bath, the Bathing Cushion will always inflate underneath you fast.

Mangar Bathing Cushion Diagram

Lowering your self entirely into the tub and releasing all of its air will give you a complete range of motion inside of the tub's warm, relaxing water. You can almost even forget that there is a bath lift behind you as you stretch out and entirely submerge your leg's muscles and joints. This feature is easy to overlook and will give you the once incredible opportunity to ease any pain or tension in your extremities.

Mangar bathing cushion inflatedAssistance in the bathtub no longer needs to be a trade-off between your comfort and your safety. The Mangar Bathing Cushion is the perfect solution to get your "me time" back safely. The cushion can be used with other bath salts and other additives to increase this experience. However, it is necessary to rinse off any residue following the bath before removing or drying the cushion. Contact us today to find out more about the Mangar Bathing Cushion and how we can help you bathe safely and independently.

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