Mangar Bath lifts provide years of dependable comfort and convenience. Both of Mangar’s bathtub lifts, the Bathing Cushion, and the Archimedes offer a straightforward, easy-to-use solution for those who need help entering and exiting the bath. Performing this important duty each day demands reliability. Our team of Mangar experts has compiled a few recommendations to keep in mind when using your Mangar bath lift to extend its lifespan.

Although many of you are already implementing a Mangar bath lift in your daily routine, it is important to note the differences between the two systems. The Mangar Bath Lift Cushion uses innovative pneumatic power to inflate and deflate beneath the user. This design allows the user to deflate the cushion completely and take a traditional bath or they may partially deflate the cushion for almost a pillow between themselves and the tub. The Archimedes offers those without as much upper body strength additional bathing support. Its plastic back support provides a chair style lift into and out of the bath tub. It's waterproof hand control powers an actuator beneath the seat.


The Mangar Bath Lift Cushion 

Mangar bathing cushionThe Bath Cushion’s material is designed to be impervious to puncture. However, before bathing and using the cushion, double check that during its installation or storage that there are no visible signs of damage or lose suction cups.

If you find any damage to the cushion, its air hose, or its suctions cups contact us immediately and we can provide further information.

After you have completed its inspection and are ready to a take a relaxing, traditional bath ensure that your plans of not involve bath additives that contain peanut oil. Bath additives containing peanut oil can damage the cushion’s suction cups. It is not a problem to use oil and soaps without peanut oil.

After using soap, oil, or any bathing additives ensure that the residue has been rinsed off of the bathing cushion after the bath. Especially the suction cups and the floor of the tub. After double checking that it is evident of oils and soaps, make sure to release the suction underneath each suction cup before lifting the bathing cushion up from the bath tub. Do not try and release the cup’s suction by pulling up on the seat, backrest, or hand.

After rinsing and cleaning the bathing cushion, never use hot air to dry it. Using hot air to dry the bathing cushion can affect the integrity of the welded seams and fabric leading to premature failure of the cushion and an inability of the cushion to raise you from the bath.

The Airflo

The Airflo is the power source for deflating and inflating the bathing cushion. It's easy to use design ensures that the simple, traditional bathing experience stays pure. Maintaining the Airflo and its battery are just as simple as its use.


Only if contamination is suspected, routine cleaning is all that is necessary. To clean and disinfect the Airflo, simply unplug it from its charger. Use a non-abrasive, damp cloth with warm water to clean the outside of the Airflo. Then just wipe the Airflo thoroughly with a dry towel before reconnecting it to the charger. Never allow any moisture to enter into the Airflow. To disinfect the Airflow, just use a damp cloth to pre-clean and then a hard surface alcohol impregnated wipe.


When the bathing cushion and Airflo are not in use, store both in a dry place together with these instructions. Store the battery with a full charge and for extended periods of time, just charge the Airflo overnight every three months.


The Airflo’s 12cv battery supports four cycles on a full charge. And can provide approximately 1000 charging cycles or 2-5 years depending on its usage. The battery can be easily replaced and provide additional years of service.


The Archimedes


Mangar archimedes bath liftThe Mangar Archimedes bath lift is designed to be maintenance free. Only regular cleaning with non-abrasive, conventional bathroom cleaners is recommended. Just separate the Archimedes’ seat and base section before cleaning.

Disinfect the Archimedes with a proprietary sterilizing solution or antibacterial soap. Routine cleaning of your Archimedes will help extend the life and efficiency of your Archimedes bath lift.


Be sure to store the Archimedes’ seat section completely lowered and disconnect the hand control. Double check that it has been dried thoroughly and attach the transit tie to the seat section for easy retrieval. And for longer periods of storage, the Archimedes’ hand control should be charged overnight before it is used again.


Mangar stands by the design and durability of their bath lift products. The manufacturer offers a standard two-year warranty on all of the bathing cushion, Airflo, and Archimedes’ components. They also offer a 6-month warranty on the Airflo’s battery. This standard warranty covers immediate replacement and expedited freight.

The New Extended Warranty

Mangar has taken a step beyond the standard, included warranty and is now offering special extended warranties. The new Mangar bath lift extended warranty plan gives one unmatched peace of mind. The extended warranty provides an additional one year, three years, or five years of coverage. We know that the Mangar bath lifts provide a safe and convenient option for many who have difficulty getting into and out of the tub. For just 11 cents a day, the warranty will protect your system from anything that may go wrong and will give you the confidence that it will be working again before you know it. (The extended warranty is only available for the Bathing Cushion)

We hope that our staff's quick tips will help you properly maintain your new or existing Mangar bath lift. Please contact us today to answer any and all of your safe bathing questions.

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