This week Mangar has finally released its most innovative and advanced Airflo yet. The highly anticipated Mangar Airflo 24 gives Elk and Camel lift users a lightweight and intuitive air compressor. Available with any new Mangar Elk or Camel lift, the Airflo 24 is also one hundred percent compatible with previously purchased Mangar lifting cushions. The opportunity to replace, upgrade, or supplement your current lifting system's Airflo Plus is simple. 


The Airflo 24's contemporary and intuitive design focuses on functionality. In particular, the Airflo 24's battery status indicator helps make accurately checking its 24-volt battery level much easier. Located on its top:

Mangar Airflow 24 Battery Status Indicator LightsTo ensure that it is fully charged and ready during an emergency, the battery status indicator gives one a four-level reading. Each one of the indicator's levels accurately reflects the estimated amount of the battery's total charge and remaining life. Just press the 24's new battery button (it looks just like a battery), and one can see quickly what charge it currently has before use or during recharging.

New 24 Volt Battery

Due to the power required to inflate a cushion and lift a fallen individual (the Elk can lift 980 pounds, the Camel can lift 700 lb) the Airflo 24's high-powered battery requires special attention. Designed to provide 500 charging cycles (a 2-5 year lifespan depending on usage) need only 16 hours to charge fully.

After 16 hours, the Airflo 24 can then perform 3 to 5 inflations. This number of supplied inflations is dependent on a variety of factors including the weight of the lifted individual, the time between inflations or charging, and the overall age of the battery.

When the battery status indicator displays red or one bar, it is imperative to recharge the battery as soon as possible. Initiating an inflation at this time will cause damage to the battery. Also, to keep the Airflo 24's battery healthy before long-term storage makes sure it is fully charged and to charge fully charge the battery every three months. A standard, two-year manufacturer's warranty covers the Airflo 24. If your 24's battery no longer supports the same number lifting cycles, the battery is easily replaceable.

Mangar Airflo 24 ColorOperating the Airflo 24's instinctive and intuitive design makes operation easy. This redesign makes its use in an emergency second nature. Below the highly visible power button is the compressor's outlet socket. The recessed design makes it very hard to miss visually. Just click the lifting cushion's hand control into the outlet socket and prepare for inflation.

The Airflo 24's cutting-edge design and technology gives caregivers and patients a convenient and dependent lift. Following a fall,seconds count, this updated compressor aims to provide the fallen individual a complete and dependable inflation. While helping caregivers protect their musculoskeletal health with a straightforward and intuitive design. Contact us today to find out more about how the Airflo 24 can help your current Mangar lifting cushion or can support your new Mangar lifting cushion.

The Airflo Plus, the previous Mangar air compressor model, are now available at a discounted price. Contact us for more information about receiving an Airflo Plus as an economical backup or as a complimentary air compressor.

To find out how much the Mangar Elk and Mangar Camel lifting cushion can save you and your organization visit our Mangar savings calculator. On average, the floor lift systems can offer savings to cover its purchase price in a few months. Use your team's previous expenses or estimates to find our how quickly the Elk or Camel can pay for itself.

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