Increase your independence and protect your privacy in the bathroom with Invisia’s stylish bathroom supports. Preparing for and planning a supportive environment around the home is essential - and your bathroom is the perfect place to start. Invisia’s line of eye-catching bathroom aids can help ensure that aging in place stays within your reach.

If you need more convincing, just consider the research. The CDC emphasizes the importance of preventing falls in older adults. A new Oxford University international study discovered that home modification are the most effective method to help avoid falls. 

Falls and other accidents around the home often lead to an overall decline in your physical and emotional wellbeing. The CDC’s staggering statistic on the prevalence of falls in older adults is reason enough to take action and protect yourself today. They found that more than one out of every four adults over the age of 65 will fall each year. With one out of five of these falls causing serious injury. Falling only once doubles your chance of falling again. These three statistics and the rest of the CDC’s findings highlight the high costs falls pose and their relationship to serious health problems.

Proven Fall Prevention 

To better understand how you can reverse these fall tends and protect yourself from falls, researchers evaluated patients making the transition from “hospital to home”. This transitional period is a sensitive period, with the changes in routine, medications, diet, coming off of prolonged bed-rest, and other factors. During this time many find they have difficulty recovering their standard functions and often fall. The medical researchers analyzed 16 different studies that tested 12 different fall prevention strategies. The 16 studies evaluated covered eight countries and included over 3,000 subjects.

The intervention strategies included a wide variety methods: vitamin D3 supplements, special exercises, a phone call from an occupational therapy, fall education sessions before leaving the hospital, and home modifications.

Vitamin D3 supplements are provided to support bone integrity and decrease the likelihood of fracture during a fall. This study found that D3 supplements were ineffective. Home exercise programs that focused on helping build muscle and improve overall balance. The programs were found to not significantly reduce falls or fall injuries. Researchers found in two out three studies that included exercise programs, the approach increased the likelihood of falling 74 percent. The phone call from an occupational therapist and fall education sessions overall were also found to be ineffective.

However, home modifications were the most useful for those with a history of falls. With one of the study’s groups (those who had previously fallen) reducing their likelihood of another fall 37%! Also, in another segment of the study, home modifications were found to reduce the risk of suffering another fall by 25%. It shouldn’t come as a massive surprise that incorporating assistive devices, sturdy rails, and reducing clutter around the home would make such an impact. However, anything that is available at your disposal to prevent the very first or second fall is essential to your long-term well being and confidence.

After an even a non-serious fall, it is common to have an increased fear of falling again. This fear of falling or anxiety will lead you to avoid certain routines and activities. These changes in your lifestyle will only increase the likelihood of suffering another fall. Avoiding going outside or staying active throughout the day will cause a decrease in overall strength and balance.

Invisia Bathroom Supports

If you are considering aging in place or even want to take a simple precaution to prevent falls in your home, the bathroom is a great place to start. It is essential to make changes in your home now to avoid accidents that may make aging in place more difficult or expensive. The Invisia line of supportive bathroom accessories offers aging in place planners the option to have increased safety, style, and support without making the bathroom feel like a medical facility. Their forward thinking appearance and finishes can match any bathroom layout or color scheme. These contemporary grab bars are also available for use inside of the tub or shower, for more information about those visit our previous post here. The bathroom’s damp and slippery surfaces require additional support. People of all ages can slip getting up from the toilet or lose their balance exiting the shower. The Invisia towel bar, accent bar, and toilet roll holder will be there providing 500 lbs. of support when you need it. Also, the rest of the time it can blend into your bathroom’s new design.



Towel Bar

The Invisia Towel Bar gives an elegant, spa-like touch to any bathroom. It’s curved, contemporary design and finishes will complement any bathroom. Available in 2 different widths (16” and 24”) the bar’s multi-contact wall mounting can give maximum structural support. Many times a fall in the bathroom can become more dangerous when you are losing your balance you grab an unsupportive feature. This motion and the attempt to balance yourself will have the reverse effect when the fixture becomes disconnected from the wall, and you fall unnaturally. Grabbing for a towel rack during a fall is quite common. The towel rack may seem sturdy holding your weight, towel or balancing yourself while you dress. However, during a fall (especially if it is out of your normal reach) it is of no real use. As an added feature, the Insivisa Towel Bar can support up to 500 lbs. of your biggest and dampest towels you have without budging!


Accent Bar

The Invisia Accent Bar is a versatile grab bar for use anywhere in your bathroom or home. Install the Accent Bar by your shower’s exit or near the toilet for support where and when you need it. The bar’s flanges can also be rotated for horizontal, vertical, or at any other angle. Like the Towel Bar, the Accent Bar can also support up to 500 lbs.


Toilet Roll Holder

Getting on and off of the toilet safely can often be challenging. Retaining privacy and independence in this area is of utmost importance to many. There are plenty of assistive seats and aids to make transitions around the commode safe. However, the Invisia Toilet Roll Holder offers 500 lbs of support right at your arms level. You do not need to twist or turn to reach its supportive handle. The holder’s 4-point wall connection is convenient to your grip and can also hold a roll of toilet paper. More so, its 500 lbs of support are camouflaged in its contemporary, curved design.

Take the steps today to make sure your home and bathroom can remain your haven. With the CDC and Oxford's recent research on falls preventing the second fall starts with proper home modification. any of these supportive ais can give you the help you need to prevent injury. They may also increase confidence in your abilities and reduce the fear of suffering a future fall. If you have any questions about how to make your bathroom and home safer and supportive please contact us today. Our experienced staff of aging in place specialists are here to help.

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