Designing an accessible and safe shower or bathroom one required facility style,  unappealing grab bars, and accessories. These aftermarket, functional assistive devices were ready to help reduce the likelihood of common bathroom accidents. These devices were unfortunately also ready to remind you or your guests every time that they entered the bathroom that this type of assistance is necessary. This reminder is powerful for those assistive devices that neither matches the room’s design or layout. They would only stand out more significantly from your bathroom’s fixtures and furnishings.

This aesthetical sacrifice is no longer the case. Invisia has developed a complete collection of assistive devices for your bathroom and shower. The Invisia line of decorative bathroom accessories will transform your bathroom into a spa-like refuge to relax safely. Experience security, peace, and luxury in your own home with the Invisia collection.

The Invisia line offers a variety of special assistive supports. Each one of the supportive grab bars camouflages its purpose through their attractive designs and contemporary finishes. They provide support inside of the tub, shower, beside the toilet, and wherever extra support is needed. This creates a high-design, supportive and safe environment for standing and transferring.


Support In The Tub & Shower

Having an extra supportive handle to grab in the shower is an excellent idea for everyone regardless of their age or abilities. There is always the risk of having an accident when there is running water, smooth surfaces, and slippery soaps. According to the CDC's recent research, an astounding two-thirds of accidental injuries happen in the bathtub or shower. These numbers include all those over the age of 15. Clearly, accidents in the shower or bathroom are not age specific. The Invisia shampoo shelf, accent ring, soap dish, and corner shelf provide the bather a firm handhold throughout their shower's stall. 

Shampoo Shelf

The Invisia Shampoo Shelf is one of the best examples of Invisia's commitment to a high-design, eye-catching, and functional fixture. It is difficult to even refer to the shelf as a grab bar. The shampoo shelf offers additional storage space for your toiletries at a safe and reachable height. The shelf's easy to remove tray will also keep your new surface clean. Keeping your toiletries this close at hand will also help prevent bending to down to the corners of your shower for conditioner. Also, having the shelf at arm level will ensure that its support bar (up to 500 lbs.) will be there when and where you really need it.


Accent Ring

Similiar to the shampoo shelf, bending down to adjust the shower's valve can be challenging. Turning on or off the water can be even more tricky if you have to reach across the tub's outer wall and into the tub or shower stall. The Accent Ring offers 500 lbs. of support in the front area of the shower. 

While this sturdy ring hides in plain sight, the Invisia Accent Ring will attractively frame and will protect the shower's valve. The Accent Ring is one of the Invisia's most popular bathroom accessory. The front space of the shower typically does not even have any grips or supports to help you partially balance at the beginning or end of your shower. There isn't even an option to provide partial support if you were to lose your balance forward. Begin to bend over with confidence and protect your shower or tub's fixture with the Invisia Accent Ring. 

Soap Dish 

The Invisia Soap Dish provides supportive storage for your soap. This removable soap dish gives you assistive support where ever you need it along the shower's wall. Even if you are a body wash person (check out their shower shelf), the Soap Dish gives you extra support along the side. If your shower has either a curtain, glass door or plastic door, it is not designed to catch you falling towards that side. Falling sideways can lead to additional injuries. Regardless of your age, we should all make attempts to prevent falls of this nature. 

Invisia soap dish

The Invisia Soap Dish gives a sturdy, round grab support which exceeds the traditional often wavy and slippery soap holder. Supporting over 500 lbs the Invisia Soap Dish can be installed within arms reach at a convenient height. 

Corner Shelf

The Invisia Corner Shelf provides the same 500 lbs of support as the other Invisia accessories above. Similar to the Invisia Shower Shelf, the Corner Shelf has a removable surface tray to keep it looking brand new for years. The Corner Shelf's versatile design means will provide support in any of your shower's corners at any height.

Providing support in your shower's corners can make reaching for your toiletries or balancing as you enter the shower much safer. Invisia has again found a typical weak spot in the design of traditional showers or bathtubs. Rounded shower stalls or square tile designs do not offer any grip or stabilization whatsoever. This specifically the case in their corners. Even if these squared or rounded corners were dry they would not do you any good during a fall. The Invisia Corner Shelf will give you the opportunity to correct this design issue and provide a lifetime of safe bathing. 


Contemporary Finishes

 The entire line of Invisia accessories are available in contemporary finishes. They can come in polished chrome, brushed stainless, oil rubbed bronze, and the new matte black. These finishes help further keep their purpose and need hidden from visitors and even from you. The matte black color was just released this month with new finishes expected to be released this year. Below are examples of the available Invisia finishes. 

invisia grab bar finishes

Striking & Supportive Design

ll of the Invisia accessories will give your shower a striking and supportive design. Using several of the accessories above in your bathroom will create an unmatched level of fall prevention. Preventing falls within your bathroom will reduce your likelihood of suffering a severe injury. The bathroom's hard, damp, and slippery surfaces are dangerous. Especially when you are in the middle of a fall and reach for a non-supportive towel rack or shower curtain. This shifts your weight and will lead to an increased likelihood of a more severe injury. 

Prepare your bath to age in place or to help it become a little more accessible today. Avoid deciding between a safe shower and a beautiful shower with Invisia. Contact us today to find out how we can help create the accessible bathroom of your dreams.

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