Indeelift HFL-300 Human Floor Lift• The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift is a new, easy to use battery powered human floor lift. The IndeeLift's nimble design makes positioning the system smooth following a fall.

• The Human Floor Lift (HFL) comes in 2 models, the HFL-300 and HFL-400. Both the HFL-300 and HFL-400 lifts are designed to lift 300 and 400 pounds up from the floor in their home.

• Raising the patient to a height of 22" ready to stand or transfer. (Watch a demo video below) The HFL's small footprint and vacuum cleaner style design make it simple to store and maneuver.


Fall Prevention is Essential

Falls are a dramatically growing issue for older adults. According to the CDC, each year 2.8 million older people are treated in emergency rooms for fall injuries. With one out of five falls causing a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury.

These statistics should not come as a surprise to many whose loved ones have suffered a fall. It is clear that as we age our vision and strength will gradually begin to decline. Regular exercise and tai-chi have been scientifically proven to help Seniors maintain muscle mass and balance. Evidence-based (scientifically proven) fall prevention training programs have become very popular around the country. Check with your local senior center, YMCA, or the NCOA's list of evidence-based programs.

But catching the causes of falls outside of the natural aging process is essential for prevention. The CDC has a few brief recommendations to reduce the chance of falling. Speak with your loved one's doctor to make sure their medication will not hurt their balance. Eliminate easy to avoid in home hazards, in the living room for example. But to prevent the second fall especially one must overcome the post-fall anxiety.

After recovering from a fall, many will begin (rightfully so) to be afraid of falling once again. Even if during the fall they did not suffer any physical injuries. The feeling of bothering a neighbor, loved one, caregiver, or first responder to come back to their home and help again can be daunting. The worry is especially true when a loved one or caregiver was unable to assist the fallen person and needed to call 911. The emergency services may cause a scene that the fallen person would hope to avoid. So, adding all these external worries to the natural internal fear of a more severe fall, it is not surprising this is when many begin to slow down. Cutting back on exercise and regular exercise can quickly increase mobility and balance challenges.


Increase Your Safety & Independence

The IndeeLift HFL-300 and HFL-400 help prepare and prevent future falls with confidence in your independence. Caregivers and even the user can operate the IndeeLift with its wired remote control. The beveled front loading seat provides unmatched side and back support during the 22" high lift. The arm supports provide added support while standing up or transferring back to the bed. Aging in place and staying safe from falls no longer need to be contradictory.


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