The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift is a versatile and dependable tool. Designed for use in the home by yourself or with the help of a caregiver.

After a fall there are few options available to help you get back up onto your feet safely. Many other floor lifts are bulky, require permanent installation, or are difficult to operate.

The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift gives a fast and safe lift. Its lifting power encompasses much more than just getting up off the floor.

The HFL empowers you to age in place on your terms. Invest in an assistive device that will help you overcome fall anxiety, retain independence, and preserve your dignity.


Overcome Fall Anxiety

Suffering a fall while living independently requires a fast response. This often leads to requesting help from friends, family, or 911 after every fall. Your neighbors and loved ones are always happy to help but its only natural to feel like a bother. Especially if you suffer repeated falls. It's also an issue if you are in a situation where you are unable to get to the phone.


The HFL helps you avoid the embarrassment, shame, spending time on the floor or additional costs that can result from a fall. Relying on a support network to help you get back on to your feet quickly leads to added fall anxiety. 

Even when falls are not serious and do not cause any injury, just thinking about having to interrupt a loved one at work for help or having another ambulance pull up in front of your home in front of their neighborhood can be quite worrisome.

Fall anxiety leads to an increased likelihood of suffering further falls. Often fearing another fall, they will decide to stay safe in their own home, becoming less mobile and active. Remaining mobile and active are two of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of more falls. 

There hasn’t been a product, lifestyle change, or living space that can one hundred percent prevent the chance of a fall. But, the IndeeLift HFL will provide a 100% chance of making future falls and the thought of future falls in your home a far less stressful experience.

Enable Independence

Falls have always been a serious concern for older adults. A fall and associated injuries often cause secondary complications. With an increasing number of older adults, falls and fall prevention has become a more public health concern.

Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) found that older adults who fall only once, double their chance of falling again. The CDC also found that out of these falls, one out of every five would cause a severe injury. Older adults, their loved ones, and medical professionals understand these statistics. Due to this, less than half of older adults will notify their doctor after a fall.

They fear their doctor's prescribed lifestyle change, mobility device, or anything that would lead to a decrease in independence. Often this fear could come from their first-hand experience. They may have had a friend who was injured a fall and watched their friend transition into a restrictive, nursing home. This reaction to a fall could be seen as an overcorrection by their friend's doctor and makes one plan on hiding future falls.

Choosing to ignore a fall or deciding to keep the fall a secret will significantly increase the likelihood of a fall. Doctors and loved ones can provide an assessment and recommend lifestyle or medication adjustments to prevent more severe injuries. The IndeeLift HFL is an ideal solution for those who wish to support their desire to age in place without having to sacrifice peace of mind.


Preserving Dignity

The HFLs are high powered patient lifts. From its portable and straightforward design, it would be easy to underestimate its ability. They can lift 300 pounds (HFL-300) and 400 pounds (HFL-400) 21" up from the floor in under a minute.

The HFL's do not require any straps, pulleys, or permanent installation in the home. When it is not in use, the IndeeLift can be stored out of the way in a closet, similar to a vacuum cleaner. This portable design lets you your living space uncluttered and free of medical equipment while entertaining or relaxing.

If you or your loved one decide to use the HFL solo, they only need to keep it in a central location where they can scoot onto its mounting ramp seat. The seat has a beveled edge that makes scooting easy. The wired hand control has a 10' retractable cord. Which means that you can operate and reach the controls the system while sitting on the floor.

Even when positioning the HFL to use it by yourself, it will not take up a significant portion of your living space.

IndeeLift HFL - Diagram

The HFL's rise-assist handles help you stay in a stable, upright, chair-like position. You can also use the rise-assist handles to help to transfer off from the mounting ramp seat.

The rise-assist handles can also be removed to allow a direct transfer to a wheelchair or other surface. The chair-like design sets the HFL apart from other patient lifts on the market. The HFL's support on all sides helps you feel like you are not using a piece of hospital equipment but a valuable machine in your house.


Fall Prevention - Starts Today

Effective fall prevention and response is a significant contributor to healthy aging. Developing a comprehensive strategy including exercise, nutrition, and medication management will help reduce the likelihood of suffering a fall. This comprehensive strategy can only be designed with a clear understanding and honest assessment of you.

For more information about how to prevent future falls today, visit the National Council on Aging's (NCOA) Fall Prevention Resource Center. 

Start thinking about fall prevention and response today.

Make sure that worrying about the next fall will not cloud proper fall prevention. Stay independent, safe, and happy in your home and community.

Contact us today to find out how the IndeeLift and our other solutions will help you age in place properly.

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