Heritage Senior Communities Inc. is a family-owned and operated business based out of Grand Haven, Michigan. They operate several senior housing locations in the state Michigan.

Kathleen Sharkey, their director of operations, recently shared their organization's experience with the Mangar Camel Lift system. Finding both the immediate financial value and the long-term health benefits to their staff.


Heritage Senior Community

“We own and operate 8 licensed Homes for the Aged in the state of Michigan and have a capacity of approximately 700 elderly residents. We employ approximately 600 staff to care for these folks." “We purchased our first Camels in May 2009. At that time we were experiencing “higher than desired” expenses in staff injuries. Our investigation revealed that the majority of back, shoulder, and neck strains were a result of assisting a resident up from the floor after a fall, or from attempting to prevent a resident from landing on the floor – breaking a fall."


“Prior to purchasing and training staff on the use of the Camel our worker’s compensation pay-out for all workplace injuries averaged $16,634.00 per location. In 2013 our worker’s compensation pay-out for all workplace injuries averaged $3,182.00. As you can see, this is a reduction of 80% or an average of $13,452 per location per year in payout – which more than pays for the cost of the Camel."

“Granted, the Camel is not solely responsible for this change in payout, but it has greatly reduced the extent of injuries from lifting folk off the floor. We are very focused on the importance of our personnel working safely – for the good of our residents and our staff. We have purchased second Camels for our largest homes.”

 Watch The Mangar Carmel Lift in Action Below: 

For further information on how the Mangar Camel Lift can help you or your organization save financially and preserve well-being, simply visit our Camel page or give us a call at 888-940-0605.   

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