Balancing and coordinating the challenging responsibility of providing in-home care for a loved one has just become a little easier. Seth Sternberg has developed an easy-to-use, personalized in-home care management service called Honor. Sternberg developed Honor while working at Google when he began to realize his Mother was starting to have trouble driving. "I just realized my mom wasn’t quite a good a driver,” he said. “That got me thinking, ‘wow as my mom ages, what am I going to do, how am I going to make sure she’s okay.’ I’m living in California, and she’s living in Connecticut — the worst thing would be telling her she needs to move out of her home.”

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There are over 2.5 million in home caregivers and 12,400 home caregiving services this "fragmented" industry can quickly become difficult to navigate. Especially in the very common circumstance of balancing family responsibilities, professional duties, and great distance.

To start, one must just fill out a brief introductory profile. This profile will include pertinent information such as any pets or health conditions. It will help screen for qualified professional caregivers. From this initial profile and their location Honor will find a "Care Pro" that is a great fit for your loved one. Then the loved one can easily schedule appointments, attach special requests, and receive detailed feedback from the Care Pro following their visit. The Honor Care Pros offer a variety of different services.

Medication Reminders - suggest and schedule regular wellness activities (drink water, take their medicine)

Stay Active - assistance in getting out of the house for a walk or any other particular necessary exercise

Meal Prep & Groceries - Care Pro can help plan, purchase, and prepare personalized, healthy meals

Transportation - get a ride in yours or the Care Pro's car to an appointment, errand, or joy ride 

Light Housekeeping - doing the dishes, laundry, putting up decorations, or taking out the garbage.

Hygiene & Personal Care - professional help with bathing, toileting, and dressing.

Companionship - developing a friendship, just talking, or doing any activities.

Check-In Visits - Care Pros can visit your loved one within 2 hours, 24/7 to check in

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With the seamless communication and quick, quality care Honor provides a critical role in your loved one's healthcare. The Care Pro's notes during a "Wellness Check" can provide priceless information to you, their doctor, or their pharmacist. Honor has partnered with the National Cancer Society and National Parkinson's Foundation to strengthen the critical link between in-home elder care and their doctors.

On average professional home, caregivers earn roughly $9.50 per hour, while using the Honor service the caregiver would make at minimum $15 per hour. With Honor's plan of reducing costly redundancies in the home caregiving industry and increasing home carer's pay Honor is in the process of hiring and expanding nationwide. With this business landscape, it easy to see why Honor is raising millions of dollars in investment. And at the same time, a number of regional competitors are following a similar strategy. Those regional competitors include Carezapp, Carely, and many others.

Overall Sternberg's vision is for Honor to provide a service similar to a car. There is a lot of complicated technology going on, but operating the car is quite easy and anyone can do. Contact Honor today to find availability in your area today. 

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